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The product images below are simply generic icons. The image in the product icon is not what the replica diploma you receive from us, will look like. Because there are so many schools and so many replicas on file, we do not have the resources to make a product for every single replica diploma we offer. This one product represents many, which is why the icon is very generic. The final diploma you get from us will be a replica of a real diploma! If you have any concerns - which you should not - you may request an email sample of the document before it ships, in the order form below.

Upgrade to our realistic option for the best quality! With this options such as seal, paper color and may may be grayed out since we will choose best option.
fake high school diploma template replica high school diploma
Enter the student name as you would like it to appear on your custom document.
Pick a diploma template to customize. 60+ layouts, one for every area. This is not necessary if you upgraded to a "realistic" diploma since we will use CORRECT layout for realistic document.
Choose a high school seal for your diploma. If you upgraded to "realistic" this is not necessary since we know what seal you need for best quality.
Your diploma order will come with one copy. If you would like to order additional copies, you may do so by selecting the number of additional copies here.
With this option, our staff will email you a sample of your document(s) to approve before shipping. This will delay shopping.
Pick what color paper you want. If you upgraded to "realistic" this is not necessary since we know what paper color you need for best quality.
white paper natural paper

We offer two different types of phony high school diplomas. Our most budget-friendly option is our fake high school diploma which is where you get to pick from 60+ unique high school diploma layouts (50 for U.S. and 10 for Canada) and then individually customize each one any way you see fit! This includes providing us with the name of your high school as you want it printed, the student's name, any dates and more! You can even further customize your chosen layout by picking specific high school seals that you want featured on the final diploma, the color paper you want it printed with and more!

Our other choice and a more realistic option, is our replica college diploma. This is a replication of an actual student issued diploma. With this option there is no reason to ask you what color paper you want, what seals you'd like, etc, but our staff will pull the appropriate details that we have for your school and use an original template during the production process of your fake high school diploma.

Add transcripts and save more!

We currently fake high school packages which included one of our phony high school diplomas along with a set of high school transcripts.

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