Are Fake Diplomas on Amazon Better Quality if You’re a Prime Member?

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There is no doubt that Amazon has helped make our lives more convenient, allowing next day delivery of the most useful and absolute crazy items right to our doorsteps. Yet, some shoppers of fake diplomas believe that a company best known for selling you everything under the sun, ought to also be the best choice for custom made fake diplomas and degrees. Is this the case? Not really but let me explain why.

Although there are many reasons why people love fake diplomas in 2021, including replacing lost diplomas, boosting their esteem and encouraging actual graduation, as movies and show props, etc … people still don’t see them as mainstream but instead a bit taboo. BUT when a massive corporate conglomerate like Amazon chose to allow the sale of them, you begin to question that and it adds a sense of comfort and reassurance.

Shocking to some Amazon does sell fake diplomas through third party suppliers, not themselves and not through Prime memberships. Yet they are marketed through their own brand. Yet there are companies who market items like these with YOUR NAME HERE encouraging use that may go beyond that. One example found here is sold as a novelty item but little would discourage anybody from buying this for a different intended use.

Another example are fake ged high school diplomas sold by an unknown supplier. These documents do not match a specific high school diploma as it’s a single template that gets edited for every order request. These diplomas at Amazon can be for bought at $50 this January. The seller brags that the documents are “created from real certificates” although the artwork used by the seller to sell her service on this Amazon page questions her graphic design skills.

Does Being Prime Ensure a Better Quality Fake Diploma?

None of these documents are sold through amazon. They are all sold through third parties on Amazon. Therefore, Prime is not included. 

Fake Diploma Shops on Amazon Seem to Lack Skills

Notice how the REPLICAS OF REAL DIPLOMAS banner was hijacked!

As you can see the Amazon seller ripped the gold banner straight from our replica high school diploma product page and used it on their Amazon product listing. Yes, many sites do steal images from other sites. And sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yet, taken images from our website simply makes us wonder if Regina has the skill set to really design and create high quality fake diplomas if she knows so little about graphic design that she can’t even create and make a simple yet unique gold banner herself?

This isn’t a Fly By Night Thing for Amazon Either

 Innovative ID Cards has posted their fake diploma from a high school for sale since December 2017. Let that sink in. That means it’s been over 3 years that Amazon has allowed that product listing to stay up. If there was something wrong or bad about these types of documents, they would not last that long which breaks me to my final thought.

Final Thoughts

Stocked Products Proves These are Not Custom Made

Amazon offering fake diplomas does show us one thing and it’s that these items are more mainstream than you think. Although many people who question how legal they are, the reality is a major store like this one allows for the sale of such documents and we have to keep that in mind when overthinking the decision on pulling the trigger to buy one.

Sells on the site use terms like NOVELTY or CUSTOM but they push their services for those seeking custom diplomas to fool a friend or a job. In context they are the same as any fake diploma service being offered but people feel it’s more legit simply because it’s listed for sale on Amazon.

There is also the reality that creating fake diplomas takes a lot of work when done right. A site like collects actual diplomas from high schools and colleges. We then use those diplomas to recreate original layouts that capture the structure and format of the actual documents.This researched material is what gives us the edge over Amazons sellers using cost effective editable templates to mass produce documents.

We invite you to shop our store today and see our line of fake diplomas and degrees from high schools, colleges and universities. Every item is 100% custom made and we back it all with the satisfaction guarantee. If you need help our site is online 24/7 and our staff is here weekdays and available via live chat, email and phone support.

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