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  1. Great Reasons to Buy Fake Diplomas

    So you been to a website, spent days staring at the products and reading through every single page. You know you want fake diplomas but are still questioning the decision. You aren't alone; there are many people like yourself or pull the trigger and very day and let me tell you why.

    Give Me 10 Reasons Why People Buy Fake Diplomas!

    • #1. Maybe your feeling down in the dumps, upset about where your life is going and moments you missed out on? A lot of people buy a fake diploma as a form of visual stimulation, to encourage them towards earning a real diploma. Often struggling graduates can find inspiration in something as simple as seeing their name on a diploma and pushing themselves towards reaching a goal such as graduation.
    • #2. They make a great joke to pull on somebody. Let's say you have a friend who constantly bragging about how awesome of a parent they are even though you and your friends agree their little one's
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  2. Even Hollywood Knows Fake Diplomas Staring as Diploma Props Help Sell Credibility

    In movies and TV shows, it’s so often the “little things” like film props that really make a scene. Think about Dorthy's ruby slippers, the beloved volleyball named Wilson in Cast Away or fake money and cigarettes from a gangster piece. Sometimes props feel like an intriguing part of the story and sometimes they are nothing more than art hanging on a wall in the background. Yet that "art" can sometimes tell a bigger picture.

    Let's say your watching a movie. All of a sudden, here comes an important scene: In a dimly-lit room, a mature man is seen silently and reverently hanging a diploma on the wall. He's taking the time to make sure it's hung perfectly even. He stands back for a moment, admiring the document without saying a word.

    Immediately, as an audience we recognizes how much this man obviously admires this diploma but why?

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  3. A Career Path for High School Dropout Jobs

    Have you ever wondered how dim a career path is for a high school dropout jobs? If you dropped out of school these days, you may be nervous about the job market but you’re not alone in the decision to quit and try to enter it.

    Many creative, energetic people find high school confining and uninspiring and therefore leave to pursue their dreams. In addition to numerous celebrities who gave up school to focus on their craft, famous high school dropouts include John D. Rockefeller (possibly the richest American in history), automotive giant Henry Ford, and media mogul Richard Branson.

    Clearly, even if you’re a dropout, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success. You just need to locate the right career opportu

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  4. A Meme Degree is Anything but Fake!

    In 1996, a 3D rendered animation was created by Character Studio. It featured what many would consider an oddly looking dancing baby also known as “baby cha-cha”. This animation is considered the first meme to grace itself across the internet. Today memes are one of the most common examples of expression showcased across the internet.

    As their popularity has continued to rise, society have expressed a desire to understand why memes appeal to us and their fascination has led to schools offering degrees in this specific subject matter! Yes, you hear that correctly... there are degrees from colleges and universities in meme study.

    Today there are a few schools offering students

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  5. Making Smart Decisions When Shopping for Phony Diplomas Online?

    In an ideal scenario, we’d all be able to quickly and easily access replacements for our lost diplomas or misplaced ones… But there’s that and then there’s real life. In real life, things happen unexpectedly. High School diplomas are hard to find, colleges close due cuts to funding making it hard to secure duplicate diplomas from closed colleges. Reasons like these are why phony diplomas spotted online may be beneficial.

    Other reasons somebody may want such items is to be used as movie or film props A lot of times phony diplomas will as background pieces for scenes being filmed. Other times people may want a phony version to put

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  6. College Accreditation Scams

    If you were considering a college and they told you the school wasn't accredited, don't you think you would have second thoughts? I know I would. That’s because national accreditation's are an agreed upon set of academic standards that many schools abide by. Because of this when you transfer from one school to another, as long as each institute follows the same accreditation standards, your credits can transfer. When they don’t, you can learn the hard way that the value of your credits, isn't worth much!

    So many schools, so many accreditation programs out there but is that a good thing?

    These days, colleges and no longer just just these massive state run institutes such as Stanford University or the University of Southern California . They are often for-profit businesses that are selling an educated (not that USC or UNM isn’t) and the list may include Christian colleges (think of the

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  7. How to Get Fake College Transcripts

    If your going to make the effort to purchase a fake college degree, consider fake college transcripts when ordering. They're simple to buy online, affordable, fun to show off to friends and display on your wall. A fake transcript can also help make your fake college diploma look and feel more realistic. Imagine making your most skeptical friends second guess your academic skillet? Imagine making old classmates second that you really did dropout last spring.

    Are you looking for the perfect item to compliment your college, then get a set of fake college transcripts today.

    Shop for College Transcripts This !

    A set of actual transcripts features classes, grades and final scores. Consider this when ordering a personalized fake transcript. This document will represent you and everything about you. In order to make your college transcript

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  8. Are Fake Diplomas Legal or Illegal?

    Walking across that stage on graduation day and being handed a diploma is a feeling unlike much else. Immediately that diploma can offer change in your life, whether it’s better job opportunities or respect for friends and family. A diploma can also be a keepsake of your time spent at school, friends you made, teachers you loved and hated, and so forth.

    On the other hand, not everybody gets to graduate school. Some people are forced to leave school unexpectedly, leaving behind any chance at getting that diploma handed to them. This is because life can hand us curve balls and challenges that can get in the way of our goals and aspirations. For some dropouts such as high school dropouts, they may look to purchase a fake diploma from a high school one day down the road. With knowing each person's p

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  9. Does Amazon Sell Fake Diplomas?

    Being a convenient way to shop for goods, Amazon has attracted many resellers. This allows their store to have a wide variety of options. From the staples to absolute crazy items, they make it easy to deliver goods to your doorsteps.

    Among these list of available goods and services are fake diplomas. Some might choose to put this in the crazy list. I'd disagree. Still, you heard me right Amazon, the global marketplace, sells diploma fakes. The documents are distributed by a third party print shop. They are not manufactured by Amazon. They're sold on their site and they take a cut of the sale.

    What sort of diploma options does Amazon offer?

    Currently there are sellers offering custom ged, high school and college diplomas. Their order forms are very basic and collect no details. They simply collect

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  10. Diploma Duplica - Little Details Matter Most

    Customer will often seek out a diploma duplicate for a variety of reasons. They may need a personal backup to safeguard an original. They want to fool a friend with a high quality copy. They need a prop made for a production that is taking place.

    At the end of the day, accurate recreations matters most. Customers want the duplicate that reminds them of their old diploma as much as possible. Some suppliers are better at achieving this request than others.

    Consider a print shop like BAFD Prints. They're online at The shop provides custom diplomas from high schools and colleges. In do this, they have collected thousands of diplomas. They studied each made and made notes of their layouts. This allows them to create duplication of diplomas for their customers.

    What are the key areas to a diploma duplicate?

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