how to buy fake high school diploma today

There are many businesses that over promise and under deliver. This also applies to many novelty print shops. Buyers often spot shops claiming layout matches of diplomas, providing precise seal replications, and much more. It's important to understand what goes into making these types of documents. The best fake high school diploma, when done right, checks all the boxes. But how can you be assure you're making the smart choice?

Why a best fake high school diploma matters so much?

Many customers are looking to a supplier to help them. Sometimes they need to replace a lost or damaged documents. Sometimes they are a dropout looking to boost their esteem. Other times they want a novelty version to fool a friend.

Although there are three situations why people want fakes made, reasoning will vary.

Regardless it has to look legitimate. This is why customers are so worried that the fake will match the real one. They want the same high school layout. They need to be ensured the same seal. Replacing signatures, if possible, is also important. In the end, this all makes for the best high school diploma in .

What to look for when choosing a shop?

As we stated before, there is no shortage of print shops these days. There are many sites offering custom document including diplomas and certificates. These include options from high schools all over the world. Everything is 100% custom made, packed securely and delivered fast.

Yet, there are a few areas you may look at when choosing between sites.

Experience matters

Every other month it seems like a new print shop opens it's doors. If only it was as easy as buying some paper, inks, and a nice printer. There is a lot more to it than that. Consider just how many high schools there are. Consider how many types of diplomas those schools issue? When you care about detail, doing things right, can be a huge challenge. A site like BAFD Prints has been in operation since 2006! Considering it's , that is a long time. It also means that a lot of lessons have been learned and much experience gained.

It's not just about layouts but the best layouts.

Do they have the best layouts? Imagine asking 10 people what a high school diploma features? Obvious answers include the name of the school, student name, dates, etc. Most of us would look for those details. If we spotted them, we'd assume the diploma was legit. But there are thousands of diplomas from high schools. Many of the diplomas are unique. Most people who know a diploma well could spot a fake.

This why not only high quality layouts matter but how many layouts matter more. A site like ours stocks an unbelievable number of templates from high schools. These include options for different cities, counties, districts, graduating years, and more.

Are the best supplies used?

Some sites may say paper is paper. We do not think so. A good shop will take the time to match up the proper paper color, thickness, texture, and more. They will also ensure the paper weight and surface texture are the same. Again, show a high school diploma to somebody whose seen the same one a hundred times. Not all paper is the same and the best shops understand this.

Can they met deadlines?

So it's one thing to promise a product. It's another thing to deliver it on time. The reality is it takes a lot of people to design diplomas. It takes more people to print and securely package them.

Our shop has 96% sucess rate with shipping orders at out time. In most cases, every package leaves in 24 hours or less. When they do leave overnight rush, 2 or 3 day air, are all options. This ensures your package arrives on time. This presents a better buying process with less stress for clients.

Read more about our shipping process here.

Will support leave me in the dark?

Like shipping, communication is key. We've always stood by that belief since day one. The process from ordering to sampling to shopping can be fast. Keeping buyers like you in the loop is critical. This is why we offer phone support at 305-892-8886 or live chat. Should you need us, the staff is here Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

Ready to buy best fake high school diploma now?

So you understand what makes us special. You understand, we stock thousands of high school diploma layouts. Whether the school is in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Philippines, we can help. This massive layout collection ensures realistic templates and makes us the best choice.

You also know that your package can ship out fast and be in your hands in no time.

So with all that side, your asking yourself, "OK but how can i order one of these diplomas?".

  1. Check out our fake high school diplomas today. We offer the best fakes of any site! You may also want to check out secondary school diplomas too. We have USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and more ready to print.
  2. The order form will collect details including your name and dates for passing. It's important to know this information when ordering.
  3. Add the service to your cart and begin the safe and secured checkout process.
  4. Enter the address you want it sent to and your complete billing details.
  5. Add your preferred payment method.
  6. Submit your order.

What happens next?

Once an order is submitted, our staff is made aware of your request. They will then be sent details of what you want made. This includes details about the high school diploma you want, the school's details, and graduating year. They will then pull the proper layout for the precise diploma you want made. This ensures that only the best fake high school diploma is produced.

What else to consider?

If are you in the market this sort of document, consider a fake high school transcript too. A transcript shows a list of high school classes and scores. Consider it a high quality novelty academic record. What the staff here does, just like our diploma, is very realistic. It's printed on security paper, embossed, and signed.

Most diplomas are often seen with transcripts. This is why we suggest packaging them together. A complete set includes both the diploma plus a transcript with a 20% discount.

Our thoughts

At the end of the day, our goal is make the best fake high school diploma. We want a document you can be proud to show off. You want you to enjoy doing business with us and be happy with your decision to choose us.

We realize there are many options out there. We know, even this site, can feel overwhelming. If you have questions or need any help at all, we are here.

Buying the best high school diplomas comes down to several factors. A: The staff needs knowledge of real diplomas. B: It has to look legit. C: It has to leave on time. D: They need to stand by their work and guarantee it. We do all of that.

We look forward to showing you the difference BAFD Prints provides clients by ordering with us this .