can you duplicate a diploma

Customer will often seek out a diploma duplicate for a variety of reasons. They may need a personal backup to safeguard the original. They want to fool a friend with a high quality copy. They need a prop made for a production that is taking place.

At the end of the day, accurate recreations matters most. Customers want the duplicate that reminds them of their old diploma as much as possible. Some suppliers are better at achieving this request than others.

Consider a print shop like Buy A Fake Diploma. They're online at The shop provides custom diplomas from high schools and colleges. In doing this, they have collected thousands of diplomas. They studied each made and made notes of their layouts. This allows them to create duplication of diplomas for their customers.

What are the key areas to a diploma duplicate?

On the surface many diplomas look similar. Yet their certain areas that a designer duplicating one will focus on. These include:

  1. The layout of the diploma and it's structure.
  2. The seal placement and seal type.
  3. Signature count.

Capturing the layout and format of a diplom

A lot of suppliers will use generic layouts. This may include regional formats common for schools in your area. An example of this may be an in-house high school diploma option. So here a shop may have an east and west high school diploma option. Although you may get lucky with this format matching up, most often it comes with a downfall.

Take into consideration, Jefferson High School's diploma. This diploma writes the name of their school left to right along the top. Most other schools in the same area showcase the school's name in an arc. Let's say the shop you choose uses a generic layout for Jefferson High. That layout may use the arc style for the school's name. Such a choice would prevent a true diploma duplicate.

Most customers, even those with diplomas from this school, may forget this detail. Yet if you handed your diploma to somebody whose seen thousands of them it may create a problem. They may spot a fake with ease, making a site with precise diploma templates very important.

A site like Buy A Fake Diploma offers replica options. This means they have copies of documents on file including recent diplomas. This includes high school and college options. This means they have the resources and understanding to recreate these diplomas. Again, compare them to a site with in-house options only and you can see the huge value they provide.

The type of seal and where it's placed are crucial with duplicates

Let's start first off with what is less obvious... the positioning. Yes, many college diplomas have seals in the bottom middle. This isn't always the case. One example that comes to my mind is Coastline Community College. This is one of the top communicate colleges. With their diploma, the seal is featured at the bottom left. This is to explain that bottom-centered seals are not always the case.

Again Coastline is one example of hundreds to go by. That aside, center seal placement is definitely more common. Consider both University of Delaware and the College of Southern Utah's diplomas. Both of which use the more commonplace seal placement.

With placement aside, let's talk about variety. I can't count how many customers claim every diploma has a gold seal. Again, there are so many diplomas out there and so many options. Consider Arizona state, which uses a shiny gold and dark red combination. If a seal used to duplicate was an all-gold seal it would not be a duplicate. Another example is Harvard with two seals, one is all-gold and another is all-red.

What is important here is to have a company that keeps good records. You want the shop to recognize individual diplomas and what makes unique. The seal has to be placed at the correct spot. The finish has to be match. If all is done correctly, a duplication is possible.

Signatures are not overlooked either

Fist of all, it is important to recognize that no online shop will forge a signature. The practice is illegal. That aside, they may opt to use real sounding names. They will also likely use professional-looking signatures.

The important key here is placement. Let's consider California State in Sacramento. At this time, the diploma features four signatures, at the bottom middle. I've seen shops provide clients a diploma from this school with two signatures. In many cases this would present red flags. A good shop should make notes on the number of signatures and titles.

It's important that all aspects are handled correctly. This means that a diploma's format, seals and signatures are all accounted for. When done right, a duplicate diploma is possible.

Some will see the value in duplicating a diploma and some won't

All my advice aside, some customers may not see the value in duplicating every square inch. I've known of clients who opted against Buy A Fake Diploma. Instead they went with competitors offering low cost generic formats. They presented their documents to strangers who bought into their work. I'm not going to say you can't get a great low cost option out there. The market is always changing. Although we believe ourselves that the details matter most. For this reason, we put a ton of focus into researching, studying and recapturing diplomas. We may not be the cheapest option but we stand by our work with pride.

Another area that may matter is age. Many diplomas printed 20 years ago are different than those printed today. That's because printing technology has changed a great deal. Gold embossed seals have been common on higher education diplomas for years now. With lower education like high school diplomas, that hasn't been the case. In most cases, these diplomas featured flat printed seals.

Now take this with a grain of sale because if you were discuss a 1982 diploma being printed in , you'd get a print. We do have customers wanting a 1982 print even today. In most cases it will not feature modern day printing techniques.

Discussing the duplication of old diplomas, let's discuss aging. Although the process is much more limited than you'd imagine it's still there. Diplomas have changed throughout the years. The type of paper used was different and the colors were less broad. Depending on how old the diploma must appear, this is all considered. Ensuring a duplicate diploma means all areas must be accounted for.

Some notes about ordering a duplication with online print shops

A site like Buy A Fake Diploma is going to seem like a godsend for some. Although the quality can be spot on, it's important to recognize the intended use. A site like this provides documents for novelty or personal use. They aren't a school issuing certificates. Their items hold no educational value. That aside, the quality is definitely there. If you're seeking a precise diploma duplicate, they are a terrific option.

Check out their online store. Their catalog features diplomas, transcripts and packages options. Make a request by providing details including school and student information.

Diplomas are then duplicated. The process takes 24 hours or less to gather resources. Initial mock-ups of then produced. The mock-ups can be proofed too. Once approved for shipping, the final document is packaged up and sent out.

If you have questions, please reach the by calling 305-892-8886. The website is always open, but agents are here to talk Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.