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Often people shopping for novelty documents from colleges and universities, consider transcript prints also. Although the order forms for these require you to answer additional questions about grade point averages and issue dates, the documents are considered affordable by many, fun to show off to friends, or display on your wall as a personal replacement. A transcript from a college shows a complete breakdown of classes and scores, whereas a fake college diploma is a certificate showing what degree at a college was earned.

Imagine tricking a friend, even a former alumni, into thinking you graduated from their same school. Imagine the hilarity of dropping out of school and showing up the next summer with a degree from the same school other graduates are bragging about. Think about the look of amazement in their eyes.

When custom college transcripts are printed on the proper paper, embossed, signed in the bottom corner, and more, they can be a stunning work of art.

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These custom fake college transcripts are going to show a complete list of courses required for a particular degree and major. Next to each course will be a breakdown of the credits the course was worth, the grade you got, along with the semester the course was taken. Most of the questions a site like Buy A Fake Diploma selling these will ask are: what college or university are they from, what is your name, what date did you graduate, and what do you want the average score to be. The score references you grade point average. This will show whether you did very well in school or barely passed. To make this step easy Buy A Fake Diploma will simply ask you if you want a high score, average score, or low score. The designers then adjust the grade total to reflect high to low averages depending on the degree.

Your not alone in wanting one.

In the USA, the percentage of college graduates is pretty high. As more and more people obtain an associate's degree or graduate degree, those that lack one feel left out. For these people, holding a fake in their hands, can help them feel better about themselves. Such a transcript can even encourage a struggling student to keep pushing forward or motivate a dropout to return to school and earn their degree. The folks at can think of many examples where parents bought transcript fakes for their kids. The novelty replacement records were from colleges or universities. In such cases, their own kids were struggling and considering giving up all together on furthering their education. Seeing a transcript from the school they were attending, with their name and final degree on it, lifted their spirits. Although the transcript was not official, it showed them what was possible, and it gave those students the boost they needed to complete their degrees. These examples may be rare but they show what is possible with such a print.

Easiest ways to make fake college transcripts online?

Ordering such documents is pretty easy. First, check out the entire line of custom academic transcripts for sale at sites like The order form again will collect some details and once finished, an order can be submitted. The shopping cart will collect details about how you want it shipped, how you want to pay, etc. Once the order is complete, the staff will begin putting together a list of resources and start to creating the document. A sample can be sent, allowing you to check over their work, or it can be quickly packaged up and shipped to you.

If you have questions about the entire process, the team at Buy A Fake Diploma is here Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. They can be reached via live chat or over the phone by calling 305-892-8886.

If you decide to try another site, we hope your the best in your search for documents like these. We also want to thank you taking the time to read this article.