fake diplomas for sale on amazon

Being a convenient way to shop for goods, Amazon has attracted many resellers. This allows their store to have a wide variety of options. From the staples to absolute crazy items, they make it easy to deliver goods to your doorsteps.

Among these list of available goods and services are fake diplomas. Some might choose to put this on the crazy list. I'd disagree. Still, you heard me right Amazon, the global marketplace, sells diploma fakes. The documents are distributed by a third party print shop. They are not manufactured by Amazon. They're sold on their site and they take a cut of the sale.

What sort of diploma options does Amazon offer?

Currently there are sellers offering custom ged, high school and college diplomas. Their order forms are very basic and collect no details. They simply collect a payment. Later on, the seller will reach out to you to collect details.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. It's likely done because the online ordering form doesn't provide questionnaire options.

Why is Amazon selling fake diplomas? Doesn't seem like them.

Customers buy fake diplomas from all sorts of websites in . It doesn't' matter who sells them. People want them. Often they're trying to replace lost ones with duplicate diplomas. Others may want to boost their esteem. Such a boost for some may encourage a struggling graduate. Other times, they are provided as props for movies and shows.

Amazon simply recognizes the demand for these documents. They want to capitalize on the trend. They are allowing diploma designers into their marketplace to do so.

It still may feel odd because such items are seen as taboo. At least that may be how many feel. Yet, in these case, the items are sold as gags. They are innocent enough Yet I will argue some sellers overstep their boundaries. More on that below.

Why is Amazon appealing as a fake diploma option? Hint: it's often cheap.

People are attracted to Amazon. It's a big company with a solid brand. When they list an item for sale, it sort of gives that item credibility. Expect for many what it boils down to is pricing. The fake diplomas sold on Amazon are often very cheap. Yet they come with big claims.

Let's consider this diploma by LK Warehouse. It's a sold as a GED gag which seems innocent enough. Yet the listing writes:

"You need a better job. You can't get it without a College or High School Diploma. You want to go to College but can't get in without a Diploma."

First off, the sentence is hard to read. I changed the text around to fix the grammar. But more important than grammar, it the wording that encourages illegal use. I'm shocked Amazon would allow such a product distraction. Ethics aside, that's break this listing down for what it is.

It's printed 60lb cardstock. If true, that is good. 60lb is likely what paper a GED is printed on. Next it claims, 8.5x11 is the size. Yes, these are often a letter size, but not always. Some GEDs are 8x6. Using generic sizing for every request could be a concern.

At the end of the day, what is being sold is a personalized template. LK Warehouse, who is distributing this item, is simply adjusting this template. They will simply replace "your name here" with your name, change up the dates, etc. The seal provided stays the same. The signatures stay the same.

This is not a full replication of a diploma. It's what most Amazon sellers are offering. It keeps the price down but effects the quality.

Quality aside, can I trust this Amazon diploma listing with my money? Is it a Scam?

There is a difference between saying an item is good and a company scams you. At the end of the day, most of these diploma shops on Amazon are honest. They are not offering you a 100% match of a diploma. In fact, it's the opposite. They simply personalizing their generic layout. If you're seeking amazing quality, you're going to be disappointed. If you're seeking a low price option from a brand you can trust, it may be worth it.

Just recognize what is being offered. Yet, the item will ship out and it will arrive in your hands. This is not a scam. Should nothing come by chance, your money is protected like it is on any site. Simply report an problem with the shipment and Amazon will take care of it.

Most of these diploma sellers on Amazon have a solid history. Consider Innovative ID Cards. They've been operating since 2017. This isn't some company that sprung up to make some fast cash. Yet their high school diploma sold here, is a lot like the LK Warehouse one. It's a single template. Name and dates changed. Yet it is not a match of a real diploma. It is not a replica. At $80 it's high imo vs the $30 for the LK Warehouse one but either are the same level of quality.

Again it's not a scam as much as lowering one's expectations.

So let's say I upgrade from a diploma on Amazon to a full diploma print shop ... what are the advantages?

Let's compare a full scale shop like BAFD Prints. There are a lost of places like this but let's try us. We're online at BuyaFakeDiploma.com. We sell custom diplomas and transcripts from high schools and colleges. The documents are 100% custom made, packaged up and shipped within a business day.

The difference is the process. So on Amazon, we mentioned that they personalize a template. The seller takes his template and puts your own name and dates on it. If his layout has the school name written in a curve, yours will have a curve. If his has a gold seal in the bottom corner, you will have that seal in that place.

What he isn't doing is replicating a diploma. Let's compare his GED option to a fake ged with BAFD Prints. In this case, the shop here collects copies of original diplomas. These include actual GED Diplomas from testing centers across Northern America. The list includes designs from different locations and years. The list is then organized.

Let's say a customer asks for a GED diploma. They want it from a random testing center in Ottawa around 2001. The staff has a copy of that exact template. They can access it from their catalog. They can the replicate it with your details.

You getting a 2001 layout. Not a 2008 layout or but a precise layout. None of the Amazon shops are offering this level of quality. Yet, by stripping down the collection to a single diploma design it does lower the price. So there lies the question? Lower price, less quality on Amazon. Higher price, more detail with a full scale shop.

My last thoughts on fake diplomas with Amazon

One big piece that is missing here is how fake diplomas on Amazon give them credibility. For years, people would wrongfully say fake diplomas are illegal. Well, Amazon sells them. Let that sink in for a moment before you judge.

At the end of the day, I have mixed feelings. Yes, I am happy to see products like ours in the mainstream. At the same time, they are limited in what they can offer. They can give the industry a bad name when buyers aren't pleased with the final results. I believe their is a place for a full scale shop vs low-end resellers on Amazon pushing diplomas like ours.

This isn't to toot our own horn

At the end of the day, there are tons of great sites offering fake diplomas. The difference is in how they operate. You either are going to stick to a single format and produce them in high numbers. Or you are going to recreate each diplomas one-by-one . The second way takes more time and cost the customer more.

You can can more details about a site like this by checking out our store. You can also call 305-892-8886. Our staff is here Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST. The website shop never closes. We're always online.