fake diplomas for sale on amazon

A wide selection, low prices, and amazing customer support, has made Amazon an attractive option for shoppers. From the common items like watches, video games, and health care products to absolute crazy items, they make it possible to deliver almost any good to your doorstep.

Among the list of the less common items you may find for sale on their platform is fake diplomas. Some might choose to put these on those on that crazy list. Still, it’s true that Amazon does in fact sell fake diplomas. This creates many questions including what sort of diplomas, what makes them a good option over online print shops, etc.

amazon package on front porch amazon package on front porch

Are the fake diplomas that Amazon sells any good?

Currently, custom ged, high school, and college diplomas are all available to purchase. Like at most shops, customers often purchase these to replace lost diplomas with duplicate diplomas. Others see them as esteem boosters. No matter why you want one, you want the ordering process to be simple and the final print to be as authentic-like as can be.

The process of requesting these custom diplomas on most listings works like so:

  1. A listing shows a picture of a specific diploma. This is often a copy of the layout they will likely use. Certain parts containing names and dates will be altered on the final print.
  2. The listing usually does not have an order form. No information is submitted by the customer at a later date but more on that later.
  3. The customer adds the services to their shopping cart.
  4. In some cases, the cart will then collect information from the customer about names, dates, and other key details.
  5. In other listings, the shop will later send a request to the customer later asking for those important details.
  6. The diploma, once paid, is then made and shipped directly to the customer.

How long does it take to get a fake diploma from Amazon?

Obviously some sellers are going to be quicker than others. One example we found is a personalized high school diploma for sale from Innovative ID Cards. The listing currently has over 200 reviews and some date back two years ago. Although the listing is not specific about turnaround times, a customer named “Lala”, wrote in a review of her purchase:

Ordering is a bit over a week with the expedited shipping

Waiting a week is not uncommon, but a lot of the online print shops like Buy A Fake Diploma can have a document out their door in 24 hours and in your hands faster with next day delivery.

How realistic are the fake diplomas for sale on Amazon?

amazon package with packing tape on it amazon package with packing tape on it

Many of the listings are carefully about the language they use to promote the services they are offering. Case in point, you will hear a lot of terms like “gag” or “fun” or “novelty” when, in the fine print, there is nothing tame about how they describe their services. One listing that stood out to me was a diploma by LK Warehouse. In the listing, the sellers writes about their service:

"You need a job and or a better job but can't get it without a High School Diploma or you need to go to college, but can't get in without a Diploma."

With that sort of listing, you’d expect “LK Warehouse” based out of Jacksonville, Florida to bring it’s A-game and create amazing diploma fakes. If you were trying to get into a school or land a dream, I’d imagine nothing short of a full replication of a diploma would do.

Yet, that listing, was pulled from Amazon by LK themselves and is no longer available. Why did they choose to do this? Was it due to too many complaints from shoppers? One can only guess.

Although, you will find mixed reviews on people who have purchased custom diplomas on Amazon, most buyers seem to be very happy. Case in point, Shantel writes:

"I am very pleased with how these turned out I was definitely a little bit skeptical when first ordering because I wasn't sure of how the quality would be... but as soon as I saw them in person I was very impressed. He sent 6 different copies to choose from and even added the state and county seal on 2 of them. The quality of the paper and overall appearance is very well done. Worth the price."

At the same time, there is no way to know how much somebody like Shantel knows about her specific diploma. Often times people pick a diploma having certain characteristics, even if the actual diploma does not, and when a diploma arrives with those features and elements they are happy.

You will notice many similarities with high school diploma sold here. For $80, it’s a lot, but many of the reviews are positive.

Why Choose an Online Diploma Shop over Amazon

So you may be asking yourself, if Amazon offers fake diplomas and they’re are customer stating positive experiences, why would I consider a print shop like Buy A Fake Diploma over them?

Let’s go back and consider that last listing I mentioned by diploma being sold by LK out of Florida. What his shop lacks imo is the process. As we mentioned, this shop will personalize a template. The seller takes his template and puts your own name and dates on it. If his layout has the school name written in a curve, yours will have a curve. If it has a gold seal in the bottom corner, you will have that seal in that place.

What he isn't doing is replicating a diploma. Let's compare his GED option to a fake ged with Buy A Fake Diploma. In this case, the shop here collects copies of original diplomas. These include actual GED Diplomas from testing centers across Northern America. The list includes designs from different locations and years. The list is then organized.

Let's say a customer asks for a GED diploma. They wanted it from a random testing center in Ottawa around 2001. The staff has a copy of that exact template. They can access it from their catalog. They can replicate it with your details.

You get a 2001 layout. Not a 2008 layout or 2023 but a precise layout. None of the Amazon shops are offering this level of quality. Yet, by stripping down the collection to a single diploma design it does lower the price. So there lies the question? Lower price, less quality on Amazon. Higher price, more detail with a full scale shop.

Before I Say More ...

I am a big fan and customer of their online store. Our offices have purchased several products from Amazon that we use. These include coffee pods for the breakroom, a floor fan that our last designer wanted for the office, a few keyboards, mouse pads, etc.

For years, people would wrongfully say . Well, now Amazon sells them too! It’s not just this blackmarket operation. I recognize the credibility that Amazon brings to the diploma game when it puts its brand behind it.

At the end of the day, we have mixed feelings though. Yes, I am happy to see products like ours in the mainstream. At the same time, the sellers on Amazon are limited in what they can do and their reputation affects the industry as a whole. They can give all of us a bad name when buyers aren't pleased with the final results. I believe there's a place for a low-end reseller like Amazon offers and a full scale shop like ours.

The Big Point I Want to Make

At the end of the day, there are tons of great sellers all across the internet offering fake diplomas. The difference is in how they operate. My site, the one you are on now, has spent years collecting actual diplomas from real students. We take the time to recreate their layouts, and keep detailed records of each template we generate. Yes, this process takes more time and we have to charge more for the time spent collecting, creating the most real replica diplomas, etc. Yet, the quality that is provided is unmatched imo. In fact, a shop like Buy A Fake Diploma is confident that you will be glad you picked us over the other sites like Amazon, that we back all of our work with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

You can find complete details about all of our fake diplomas, degrees, transcripts, and certificates. We offer GED, high school, and college options.

Our website is open 24/7 and orders can be placed at anytime. The design and support team are here Our staff is here Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We can be reached via live chat phone support at .