A few months ago, Dexter Ross landed a new job at a design firm. A week later, Tami from human resources came asking for a copy of his diploma. A simple tasks turned into a nightmare when he realized his diploma was misplaced and his former college was unreachable. Who knew a diploma for a job would be this difficult.

Dexter loved graphic design and although he was certified in illustrative software, he also helped a fine arts degree from a local college. He was awarded an associates of arts degree last summer after meeting all his college credits.

His job was creating design piece for a local publisher. He was just getting his feet wet in the new position, meeting some great coworkers, and things were looking up. All of a sudden, his college education which he listed on his resume was going to need to be verified with a copy of his diploma.

The request seemed reasonable and Dexter didn't think twice about it until he got home that night and realized his old diploma was nowhere to be found; forcing him to next consider calling his school to get a replacement made. The problem was his former college, which was a private school, had recently closed it's doors due to funding. Although he tried to call and email his school, nobody was answering the phones and responding. He was absolutely unsure of what he could do.

The next morning he spoke to Tami about his situation. She explained that the design firm needed a copy of his diploma simply to hang up in his office and it had nothing to do with verification purposes. She said that they don't do background checks and neither do a lot companies actually. She said the firm believed that potential clients seeing diplomas from members of the staff on the wall gave the company a sense of power and helped build trust.

Dexter agreed, but he wasn't sure how he'd get a diploma for his job.

Tami suggested checking out a few novelty diploma print shops online who recreated such documents. She said another coworker named Josh fells into the same problem and found a solution online himself.

After speaking to Josh about his experiences, he settled on a site called BuyaFakeDiploma.com. Prefect name, right? I mean we're talking about buying fake diplomas for a job. Doesn't get much to the point than that, hugh?

Dexter purchased a fake associates degree and in the order form, confirmed his old private college, his names for printing, dates for gradation etc. He was concern if the site knew what type of diploma paper was used, where the seal went, how many signatures and so on. The support team reassured him they were familiar with his diploma, knew it well and he'd love it.

He was also glad to find out that requesting such a product for this exact same reason was very common. In fact, it was a top reason why people buy fake diplomas in the first place.

Obviously the website isn't a mill and Dexter realizes that no degree status were being granted and issued. A lot of times there can be mixed information put out online by people who are completely confused. He simply wanted a realistic looking fake and it was something the site assured him of.

The day after next, the diploma arrived packaged up securely to prevent damage during the shipping. He opened it up and was astonished at how much it looked and felt like his old diploma. I mean the old diploma was still fresh in his dead, so imperfections would have been obvious but they weren't.

Has Anybody at Work Questioned the Fake Diploma's Realism?

A lot of times when Dexter tells this story to his friends, they immediately will ask if clients at work have questioned the realism of the diploma. Or if anybody of his coworkers, who graduated form the same school, ask if it was a novelty version?

The fact is, he has been approved by a client who was looking to do advertisements with the publication. The marketing rep they sent actually attended his same college. She saw the diploma on the wall and although the both spoke about the school's recent closing, she never once seemed to have any doubts about the authenticity of the document.

Again this is just on example of using a fake diploma for a job but it shows at there are valid reasons to need one and reasons you may have or may not have overlooked.