What is Best: Fake GED or High School Diploma

If you're in the market for a custom made diploma deciding which diploma is best can be tricky. The same could apply to customers choosing between a fake GED or high school diploma. Some may ask, what is the difference between the two? Why might I choose one over another. We wanted to take some time to break down the pros and cons of each document in question.

What is a GED Diploma?

A GED diploma a holds the same value as one from a high school. At the same time, they are different. Let me explain.

So the goal of a student in high school is to graduate from school. Sometimes that is not possible. Situations in life may arise, making graduation impossible. For those individuals getting a high school diploma isn't a reality.

For those that must drop out of high school, a GED provides an alternative. A GED diploma consists of a series of tests involving Math, English, and more. Once a test is complete, a GED is then awarded, which means you have something equal to a high school diploma. Often jobs or schools may view a GED diploma as good as a high school diploma. This would make their value, as far as educational value goes, the same.

Like when buying novelty diplomas from high schools, a fake GED diploma is the same process. A print shop collects actual GED diplomas to recreate their own unique templates. These templates then are customized with names and dates.

Like high school diplomas, GED diplomas including fakes, get printed on parchment paper. The paper is usually 65lb to 70lbs. This is not the same type of paper your grandmother uses for baking.

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What is a High School Diploma?

After finishing high school, students are awarded a high school diploma. The diploma references the name of the school and it's local district or school board. It also mentions the student's name and the date of graduation.

A diploma from high school is necessary to attend college. The only other exception is a GED, which we will discuss more below.

In this case of a fake high school diploma, the custom document will imitate a real diploma from high school. It should do a good job of replicating the actual diploma's format and structure. This includes placing seals in proper locations and accounting for all signatures. Final documents are then personalized. This includes adding names of individuals and passing dates. Diplomas and then printed, packaged and shipped.

Such a novelty print makes a great substitute for a lost diploma. Others use them as esteem boosters encouraging actual graduation. Other times you may find them as props in film and show productions.

Websites like BuyaFakeDiploma.com stock thousands of detailed layouts of high school diplomas. This includes includes diplomas from all over the USA, Canada and more. What this means if that if you have made a request for a particular high school diploma, we can help. Our staff will access our collection once a sale is complete and pull the best template option. This process ensures the most accurate high school diploma fake possible in .

Top Choice: Fake GED or High School Diploma?

With most print shops, a GED diploma costs less than a high school diploma. It's the same here. A GED diploma starts at just $59. The layouts are often less complex, making it easier to do. This is because the GED's structure is often simple and seals are plain. The final print quality is usually of a lower tier. At least when comparing the document side-by-side with a high school diploma.

All of this makes the replicating of GED diplomas much easier than high school diploma. In the end shops can offer up discounts for GED sales. Yet the savings aren't astronomical. $20 (may be $30) is the difference. Such a price difference should not determine your decision between the two.


There right document depends on your needs. Some customers needing a high school diploma, will simply choose that. Choosing a fake ged over a high school diploma, comes down to individual needs. The vast majority of shoppers at Buy A Fake Diploma choose high school diplomas. That isn't because one is better, it's about their own demand.

If you are in the market for such a document, we suggest you check us out. Buy A Fake Diploma has been in business over 10 years. We create custom diplomas and transcripts. Our services include documents from colleges, high schools and GED testing centers.

Our staff keeps detailed records of actual diplomas. The detailed list of records is constantly updating. We have new details on diplomas this we didn't have last month. We are aware of their layouts, unique characteristic and more. If you request a fake ged or high school diploma, we access the proper layout. This means we use the proper layout for your school, your city, your town. This general rule to design applies to all custom diplomas regardless of type.

Please take a moment to see options below. Should you need any help our staff is here weekdays. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. You can call us at 305-892-8886 or chat live. We'll be glad to help you further understand our services and what service may be best.