great reasons to buy fake diplomas today with bafd prints

So you been to a website, spent days staring at the products and reading through every single page. You know you want fake diplomas but are still questioning the decision. You aren't alone; there are many people like yourself or pull the trigger and very day and let me tell you why.

10 really good reasons why people are buying fake diplomas!

#1 Maybe your feeling down in the dumps, upset about where your life is going and moments you missed out on?

A lot of people buy a fake diploma as a form of visual stimulation, to encourage them towards earning a real diploma. Often struggling graduates can find inspiration in something as simple as seeing their name on a diploma and pushing themselves towards reaching a goal such as graduation.

#2 They make a great joke to pull on somebody

Let's say you have a friend who constantly bragging about how awesome of a parent they are even though you and your friends agree their little one's are a nightmare. Maybe you get them a fake doctorate degree in a major like parenting from their favorite university? Maybe they'd find it insulting, but likely hilarious.

#3 Some people see them as a form of instant respect

So giving your diploma to a job and lying about credentials is wrong and could land you in some hot water. Obviously rules change from area-to-area, but this is not something we'd ever recommend. Yet maybe you have coworkers who won't shut up about how he went to a better college than you. Maybe you get a fake college diploma or degree from his same university, but if he has an undergraduate degree, get a graduate instead and one up him and put him in his place.

#4 As a temporary stand-in

Maybe you really graduated and have applied for work. Maybe your real diploma has not been mailed out by your school or it's on hold. A fake one can stand in place for your actual diploma until the real thing arrives. Just be sure to let others know that an official copy is on its way.

#5 As a personal replacement

Maybe you want a second copy to frame and lock away your real one because you realize the real one is irreplaceable? A lot of times former students find the struggle to replace a lost diploma to be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Fake degrees from colleges and high schools can be a great alternative.

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#6 As a prop for a production

A lot of times when people watch a movie, they don't stop to look at the diplomas on a wall that take place during scene at an office. Those diploma props are made by sites like ours. In fact, we have made diplomas for productions you may have heard of. They need fake diplomas that look real too.

#7 As something cool to collect.

Yes, people can collect diplomas.

#8 Show off on social media pages

Often people will purchase diplomas to post on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

#9 They look awesome as a work of art

As a company that is constantly given copies of diplomas from different areas of the world and from different periods of time, we find them to be beautiful works of arms more than simple documents. Some of the integral details on a diploma and types of paper used for printing from the turn of the century can be breathtaking. We've had customers who ask to replica these historic documents with their name on it as a form of novelty artwork to put on display in their homes.

#10 They're a fan of a school

Let's be frank, we all watch college sports and cheer on our favorite football teams on Saturday's. Many of us never actually graduated from university and may or may not even have family members who attended there. Yet, we'd love to get a fake honorary degree believing that the school recognizes our loyalty and devotion.