Have you ever been curious about what it could take to create a duplicate diploma? We're talking about holding a diploma in front of your eyes and then duplicating that document. Same format, same paper, same everything, a true duplication.

Why You Might Want a Duplicate Diploma?

There are many reasons why somebody may choose to duplicate a diploma from their high school and college. Maybe your original diploma was misplaced or lost and your seeking a diploma replacement service? For personal purposes these can be beneficial.

Maybe you've been teased not having your own diploma and you want to duplicate one from a graduate you know. Maybe you consider a duplicate diploma as the ultimate novelty. In this regard a good duplicate can also be an esteem booster.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

The first step to any good duplicate diploma is to obtain an original. You can often use a search engine to find photocopies and scans of actual high school and college diplomas. You may get lucky and find a diploma from a specific place you want but as schools can change designs from time to time, make sure the dates of graduation matching up with your request.

If you're unable to get find a copy of the diploma you want, you can always reach out to a site that offers a fake diploma. They likely will have gathered copies of real diplomas and then generated templates from those copies. They may have the knowledge and resources to help you get a duplicate copy by reaching into their collection. If you don't wish to go through that process, please following the steps to make a duplicate diploma today.

How to Make a Duplicate Diploma

  1. Obtain a print of a real diploma. If you can get your hands on an actual document and not a photo or scan that is best. This is so hold you can hold the diploma and confirm the weight and shade, two things that impossible to do through an image alone.
  2. Don't assume all diplomas are the same. A duplicate college diploma and high school diploma duplicate copy can be entirely different. It's not just the details as one highlights degrees and another doesn't but the overall structure, format and materials can greatly differ.
  3. Next scan the document and then import it into a graphic design program. Began to trace over every step of the document. Be sure to match up the same font type and font size. Also be sure to match any unusual placement such as curved text or text that is not written flat left to right.
  4. Designing the seal is next. This is not important with any good duplicate. Consider that a seal is the life and blood of the diploma. With so many types from printed to gold foil overlay to two-tone embossing you need to get this right.
  5. Now the process of a duplicate diploma can go to printing. Now you want to confirm that the proper diploma paper is being used. Most diplomas are printed with either a 60lb to 80lb paper weight although this is not always the case. It's vital you confirm this as improper paper weight or a diploma that is too thick or too thin will stand out as a fake.
  6. Be sure now to confirm the paper color. Most diplomas these days are a clean white to off white although you will still see a lot of olde nature documents from time to time.
  7. Next print the item. Recognize that most real diplomas are printed from professional print shops with professional grade equipment. The free public inkjet at the local library may not be a wise choice. For a true duplicate diploma from a professional printer. Also see if he can print raised text as many diplomas feature raised emblems, logos, etc.

This is too much work!

Believe we know. Creating a duplicate college diploma for example is not easy. If your looking for a duplicate diploma from a high school, college or university check us out. We even can help make a ged duplicate diploma.

Any duplicate diploma sold online is going to alter slightly from the real thing due to regulations and rules. Yet the goal of any good shop is to make it as authentic as possible. You'd be shocked how close these things can get and it's worth your time to ask around and see how can you help you.

Questions you need to know just how authentic the duplicate can be, etc. A site like this may be able to help. We are here weekdays and can be reached via phone or live chat. The website itself never closes. We look forward to talking to you about getting a duplicate diploma today.