steps to getting a high school diploma copy

Do you need a copy of your high school diploma? Maybe you applied to a job and your new boss wants to see it? Maybe you want a personal backup copy to safeguard the original?

There are steps that you can take to get a diploma copy made. Sometimes these steps come with their own challenges.

Buy A Fake Diploma dives deep into the process of getting copies made below.

First Thing's First, Call Up Your Old High School!

If you graduated, this is the first step I'd take. Give your old high school a call and ask to speak to the registrar's office. Somebody at the office should be able to pull up your information and help get copies of an old diploma made or at least point you in the direction.

In order to get copies issued, they may need to verify that you are who you say you are. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a law that ensures that records are only shared at the request of the student themselves. Verifying may include showing a photocopy of your license or details including your social security number and birth certificate records. This prevents the wrong people have access your documents.

If they can verify everything through the phone call, the registrar there should be able to issue you a high school diploma copy. There is often a small fee associated with this, but it it's usually just a few dollars.

3 Problems You May Encouter

Even if a school can verify you are who you say you, that isn't to say that problems won't occur when you try to get a copy made this .

#1 They only offer transcript copies, not diplomas.

The school may be willing to provide your academic records but not a diploma. This was the case with my old high school in Virginia. It turned out that they only printed one diploma for each student at the time of graduation. Years later, getting a second replacement copy made was impossible. I had no need for high school transcripts and they need me no good.

What I have come to discover, talking to others, is this is not very uncommon. This may because producing additional copies of an old diploma is time consuming and costly for a school.In such cases, alumni wanting a high school diploma copy are simply out of luck.

#2 The school may no longer operate.

Although, this may seem rare, it's true that, high schools do close for good. This may happen when residents move away from district, making the school too expensive to keep open and operate. Another example of this is with private schools. Many times for-profit charter high schools will open up for business. When they lack customers (or students), they struggle financially and shut down due to operation expenses. When this happens, nobody at these schools sticks around to answer their phones or ensure diploma copies are issued. Thousands of former customers there or ex-students are left in the dark.

In the case of public schools, even if the old school is defunct, another school (likely local) is overseeing old student records. Yet, this may not always be the case. When it's not, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place as a former student wanting a copy made.

#3 There are big long delays in getting copies made

So let's say they are open and do issue copies. So what could go wrong now? If you think the diploma will arrive in the mail by the morning, don't hold your breath. As I stated before, getting a single diploma copy made just for you is easier said than done. These schools go through large suppliers that prefer to print hundreds thousands of diplomas at once for thousands of graduates. It's hard to jump to the front of the line with your single request for one little copy.

I've heard of people waiting six to eight weeks for their school to send out new copies of old diplomas! Delays may be even more of a problem these days with current supply chain issues. All of it adds up to big headaches and big delays.

What to do next ...

So let's say that one of the three points above finds yourself in a pickle. Maybe the school only prints records, maybe they are not longer around, maybe copies will simply take too long, or maybe it's something else? You may need to consider alternative means to landing a copy of your old high school diploma.

Consider a Fake Diploma from a High School as a Copy Option

There a few print shops offering 100% custom-made high school diplomas. How do they do this? In many cases, they've spent years collecting real diplomas. This includes diplomas from different states, cities, districts, etc. They likely have a copy of your an old diploma on file from your same high school. These resources allow the design teams to recreate an old diploma with your personal details including your name and date of graduation.

These diplomas often match the same layout and format, seal placement, signature location, paper type, and more. Detailed notes are also kept on what font is best to use. Although, the majority of these documents are sold as props for films or personal backup copies, the goal of any shop is to ensure the best fake high school diplomas possible. Although some adjustments are made to abide by limitations, the diploma fake is 100% legal, and the site warranties it's work with a 100% satisfaction risk-free guarantee

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