steps to getting a high school diploma copy

Do you need a copy of your high school diploma? May be you applied to a job and your new boss wants one? May be you want a backup copy to safeguard the original?

There are obvious steps that you can take in an effort to get a high school diploma copy made. Sometimes these steps come with their own challenges.

BAFD Prints dives deep into the process of getting copies made below. We provide steps for requesting them and what to expect.

Top Tip: Give Your Old High School a Call

If you graduated high school, this is who I'd go to first. Give your old school a call and ask to speak to the registrar's office. You can find their information by Googling it, assuming you've forgotten. Somebody at the office should be able to pull up your information and help get copies made of any document, such as a diploma.

In order to get a copy issues, you may need verify yourself. You also need to provide some details. These may include a photocopy of your id, social security number and date of birth. All of this is to ensure you are who you say you are.

If they can verify your details, they should be able to issue you a high school diploma copy. There is often a small fee associated with this, but it it's usually just a few dollars.

Possible Problems Requesting High School Diploma Copies

Although a school should often be able to help with copies, this isn't always the case. Some problems that may occur when you reach them with this .

1. They don't issue copies of diplomas (only transcripts).

They may be willing to provide a copy of your academic records but not a diploma. This was the case with my old high school in Virginia. Turns out that they print all their diplomas at the time of graduation. Years later, replacement copies of those old high school diplomas were impossible. The high school was more than happy to provide transcript records. Unfortunately for me, that is not what I wanted.

What I have come to discover, talking to many others, that this not very uncommon. The fact is printing diplomas for a school can be costly. They choose to print every diploma during graduation to order them in high quantities from a print shop and save money. When a diploma is wanted years later, it's too much work to request that same shop to fulfill a single copy request. In some cases, alumni wanting a high school diploma are simply out of luck.

2. School may no longer be operational

The school could simply be shut down and no longer operating. Although it's rare, high schools do close for good. This may happen when new residents move into a district, making smaller high schools insufficient. Another example of this is with private schools. There are many for-profit charter high school opening up for business. When they lack customers (or students), they can struggle financially and shut down their operation. When this happens, nobody at these schools sticks around to answer their phones or issue diploma copies. Thousands of ex-students are left in the dark.

In the case of public schools, somebody is usually left to at least address past records. Even if their school is defunct, another school (likely local) is overseeing their old records. Although this is not always the case. When it's not, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place as a former student wanting a high school diploma copy.

3. Big delays in getting copies made

So let's say they are open and do issue copies. So what could go wrong now? If you hate waiting for things you want, don't hold your breath. As I stated before, for a school getting diploma copies issued is hard. These print shops are simply not designed to handle single diploma copy requests. They prefer to print hundreds thousands of diplomas for thousands of graduates. If a school can get their supplier to fulfill a replacement, it could take a lot of time. Imagine this huge headache.

  • A: You put a request in.
  • B: You verify a student's details
  • C: You access old print templates
  • D: You prep the printer and green light copies!

Add that all up and it's understandable why official high school diploma copies can take so long. I've heard of people waiting six to eight weeks! Delays are even more of a problem now in with supply chain issues.

Other High School Diploma Copy Options

So you find yourself in a pickle. Maybe the school will only print transcripts, they shut down, copies take too long, or it's something else? You simply want a high school diploma copy made and you're out of ideas. What are the next steps you can take to get a diploma copy made?

Consider novelty diplomas as a high quality copy alternative

These days finding a professional print shop online who makes custom-made high school diploma is easy. A shop like this collects templates of actual high school diplomas. This means they have a copy of your old diploma on file. They can customize the layout with your details such as your own name and graduation dates. The items are sold as novelties for personal use, but that doesn't take way from their stunning attention to detail.

By collecting diploma layouts and studying them, it gives their design staff knowledge of what you want made. These allow them to replicate almost any document. In fact, designers leave detailed notes include what seal option is best and where precisely to place signatures. Detailed notes may also suggest what fonts to use. The goal is to ensure the best fake high school diplomas possible.

One great supplier is BAFD Prints located at They offer a fake high school diploma from Canada & USA. The shop has been around since 2006 and the fully guarantee their work. Check out their website or give them a call at 305-892-8886.

Simply choose an item from the school and provide details. Once an order is submitted, the design team gets to work. Typically, within 24/48 hours a high school diploma copy is in your hands.

it is important to know that these shops are not schools. No degrees are being granted or certificates issued. They are simply providing a convenient copy alternative for students. When you consider how realistic they look, for many, they provide a great option. Especially with those trapped due to high school closures, limited print runs, etc.

Getting Copes of Diplomas Other Than High School?

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