Why do College Diploma Replacements Take so Long?

Why Do College Replacemnt Diplomas Take So Long?

Have you ever wondered why getting a replacement diploma printed by your old high school or college can take so long? What a lot of graduates don’t realize is that in many some schools don’t offer replacements. While others that do, will put delays sometimes lasting several weeks in order to get a second copy produced and shipped out to the former students. Luckily, the internet provides alternative solutions that may offer a temporary sense of relief until the official diploma arrives.

Finding My Diploma Was Quite the Treasure Hunt!

Finding My Fake Diploma was a Treasure Hunt

When somebody, such as your boss at a job, requests a copy of your diploma the hunt is on! Jane was recently asked to provide a copy of her diploma. After struggling to locate the document, she realized it was lost. The steps involving in replacing her diploma with her school provided more challenges than solutions. She then turned to alternative means by ways of novelty diplomas sold through online retailers which provided custom documents such as these. Hear about Jane’s journey and how the internet provided a valuable solution.

Even Hollywood Knows Diplomas Offer Credibility

Using Diploma Props in Hollywood Movies & TV Shows

Have you ever watched a movie where there was a college graduation going on? Do you ever watch a tv show that takes place in an office and on the office wall, hangs diplomas? Fake diplomas in movie and tv shows are very common props. In fact we took a moment to dive into how effective a realistic looking diploma can be when used as a movie and show prop. When the audience believes the diploma is legit, the more likely they are to believe the the scene taking place is realistic allowing them to put themselves into it.

Great Career Paths for High School Dropouts?

Career Paths for High School Dropouts!

After dropping out of high school, one may feel discouraged. Sometimes wondering what to do next and what career paths may exist can leave much to the imagination. Luckily, there are a number of well paying jobs available even without a high school diploma. We decided to break down some of these, better explaining each job and potential pay. The reality is you may be in better shape than you realize.

Making Smart Decisions When Shopping for Phony Diplomas Online?

Being Smart When Shopping for Phony Diplomas!

There are often times when people find a serious need for purchasing phony diplomas online. Maybe you lost a diploma and need a temporary replacement? Maybe you know somebody who never graduated and you want to give them the ultimate self esteem booster? Regardless of why you need it, the internet is full of scams and fake diploma scams are no exceptions. Luckily there a number of ways you can protect yourself when ordering these types of documents online. Let’s dive into all of this right now so we can help you protect yourself.

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One of the more popular fake diploma review sites out there is @bestfakediploma. They tally up feedback from real novelty diploma shoppers asking them questions about their experience with customer support, the quality of the documents they got, etc. We are pleased to announce that as of today, we are considered the top site and most trust worthy business out of all fake diploma sites reviewed. We thank all of our customers for helping us get their award and we hope to keep this up!

Is your schools accreditation really college accreditation scams?

Are Some School Accreditations Actually Scams?

Have you ever noticed how schools really hype up being accredited? They brag about how they have this accreditation and that accreditation. Although some are well recognized and honored among many schools, there are a number of accreditation programs that host absolutely no value! We break down how you can best protect yourself from school accreditation program scams today.