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  • Why do College Diploma Replacements Take so Long?

    Delays in obtaining college diploma replacements are all too real for ex-graduates! Discovering you’ve lost your college diploma usually comes as a surprise: You dig through endless boxes, feeling your panic escalate all the while… What if your expensive degree was all for naught, because you can’t prove you actually got it? In a frenzy, you sit down and start Googling “college diploma replacements”… Only to discover that while it’s usually possible to get one, it’s going to take time. Getting a fresh copy of your college diploma usually takes 6-8 weeks or longer, for the following reasons: 1. There’s a lot of “red tape” to get through as you begin the process. You can’t just call up your old college, ask for a replacement diploma, and have them mail one out, unfortunately. Most colleges are FERPA compliant, so they will only accept mailed, written diploma requests. (This is done to prevent fraud and identity theft, but it certainly doesn’t make the replacement process any easier.) 2. You’ll have to provide a lot of data. In order to get a new diploma, you’ll have to contact the Office of the Registrar. Most Registrars will demand all of the following information...
  • Finding My Diploma Was Quite the Treasure Hunt!

    Jane lost her diploma but was able to replace it with the help of an online supplier.. Meet Jane. Like most of us, she’s worked hard to get where she is today. After enduring the Great Recession and working a string of dead-end “McJobs,” she finally has the opportunity to land a job as an office administrator. There’s just one little problem: Upon being asked to find a copy of her diploma to hang in her office in order to increase client trust, Jane realizes it’s nowhere to be found. She most likely misplaced it during one of the several moves she’s had to make in the last few years. Since we live in a world where technology has largely made things easy, Jane doesn’t panic at first. She assumes that getting a replacement will be simple. After all, a quick Google search assures her that she’ll just have to contact her old high school and ask for a new diploma. Soon enough, a fresh copy should be in the mail… But then the problems start. Why is replacing a lost diploma so difficult? First, Jane discovers that her old high school has been shut down due to budget...
  • Even Hollywood Knows Diplomas Offer Credibility

    In movies and TV shows, it’s so often the “little things” that really make a scene. After all, the more story a movie or show can tell without resorting to exposition, the more emotionally moving it will be. Picture this, for example: In a dimly-lit room, a mature man is seen silently and reverently hanging a diploma on the wall, taking the time to get it perfectly even. He stands back for a moment, admiring it without saying a word. Dad hangs Maggie's diploma prop on the wall in scene from Herbie Fully Loaded! Immediately, the audience wants to know more about this man and his story. Is the diploma his own? Has he finally completed a degree that he couldn’t get earlier in life, perhaps due to illness, poverty, or personal problems? … Or does the diploma belong to his daughter, as depicted in the 2005 movie Herbie Fully Loaded? Maybe this man is quietly struggling with mixed feelings; he’s very proud of his daughter for graduating, on one hand. On the other hand, he’s finally having to face the idea that his little girl is well and truly grown up. He knows that she’ll soon be confronted with...

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