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  • Why do College Diploma Replacements Take so Long?

    Delays in obtaining college diploma replacements are all too real for ex-graduates! Discovering you’ve lost your college diploma usually comes as a surprise: You dig through endless boxes, feeling your panic escalate all the while… What if your expensive degree was all for naught, because you can’t prove you actually got it? In a frenzy, you sit down and start Googling “college diploma replacements”… Only to discover that while it’s usually possible to get one, it’s going to take time. Getting a fresh copy of your college diploma usually takes 6-8 weeks or longer, for the following reasons: 1. There’s a lot of “red tape” to get through as you begin the process. You can’t just call up your old college, ask for a replacement diploma, and have them mail one out, unfortunately. Most colleges are FERPA compliant, so they will only accept mailed, written diploma requests. (This is done to prevent fraud and identity theft, but it certainly doesn’t make the replacement process any easier.) 2. You’ll have to provide a lot of data. In order to get a new diploma, you’ll have to contact the Office of the Registrar. Most Registrars will demand all of the following information...

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