what to do after you drop out of high school

  • Great Career Paths for High School Dropouts?

    If you dropped out of high school, you’re in good company. Many creative, energetic people find high school confining and uninspiring and therefore leave to pursue their dreams. In addition to numerous celebrities who gave up school to focus on their craft, famous high school dropouts include John D. Rockefeller (possibly the richest American in history), automotive giant Henry Ford, and media mogul Richard Branson. Clearly, even if you’re a dropout, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve success—you just need to locate the right career opportunities. Here’s some ideas to help you get started: Start Your Own Business When you’re self-employed, the only person who gets to determine whether or not you’re qualified enough is you. As a result, the sky is the limit for entrepreneurs: If you have a great idea for a new product or service, you could easily become a multi-millionaire. Self-employment is also ideal for those in creative fields, such as artists, writers, and photographers. It’s often much easier to locate employment opportunities in these fields via freelancing (versus seeking conventional employment). Enter the Construction Field If you ascend the ranks in the construction field and work your way up to becoming a Construction Manager or...

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