Buying Fake Transcripts Online

In my opinion, a high quality fake transcript is one of the most amazing items you can give to somebody. That’s because they can be personalized with somebody’s names and dates, making it an extremely fun to design through an online order form and present to somebody as a unique gift.

When buying fake transcripts online, you will find a number of sites that offer various types of transcript templates. These transcript templates are reproductions of actual academic transcript formats from high schools and colleges. Typically you can choose from a generic design but a precise recreation of an actual school’s transcript format. The more realistic and accurate a layout is, the more you should expect to pay on the open market for your fake transcript. Being somebody who always appreciate a more accurate design, I’d opt for a realistic set of transcripts and take advantage of the more advanced design.

What to Know When Shopping Fake Transcripts!

When I am ordering phony transcripts for somebody, I try to think about what their passionate about. I then try and find a degree and major that represents that passion. For example my friend Taylor loves anything to do with plants so I got him a fake associate of science degree in horticulture. For our friends it was personal and a bit of an inside job because he’s been talking about talking about returning to college and studying that field for years now.

If you are looking for a very unique birthday gift to give to a family member whose a know-it-all for a particular subject, or you want to surprise your parents with a college degree that they missed out, transcripts like these are a great choice.

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