Cancel Order

Can I Cancel My Order with

Example A: My Order is Not Paid

If you requested to pay for an order at a later time using an alternative method or your payment has not yet been submitted, you can cancel your order at any time you wish. There is no charge to do so. After 30 days any history of your order request is deleted by our system regardless.

Example B: My Order is Paid for Not Made Yet

We can cancel for a 15% fee to cover processing charges.

Example C: My Order is Paid and 100% Done

If the order has been made and is ready to ship or we’ve provided you a proof of your order there is a 20% cancellation fee. We do this because of the work put in by the designer staff who has worked on your order request.

Even if you had a proof or not, we stick to 20%. Some sites keep 30% for canceled orders that have been proofed and 20% for all others. We are 20% across the board.

Example D: Order has Shopped Out.

n most cases we do not offer refunds. Keep in mind if you get your custom document and there is any issues, we will stand by our work and fix any free of charge. Our goal is to make you happy and not take advantage of our customers. At the same a lot of time and energy goes into providing this custom document service and reducing abusive helps keep operating cost down and offers things like cheap fake diplomas.

If need help with any order, please reach out to us as we will try our best to resolve any matter in a way that pleases all parties involved.