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If you ordered a custom diploma, transcript or certificate and want a sample or proof of your order to look over before it ships out, you can add this free service at the bottom of this page.

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Did you purchase a custom document such as a diplomatranscript or certificate? If so you can request a watermark sample or proof of our work to look over before it ships out. Please note this free service will delay shipping because we await your approval of our work. The design team, who creates samples, works Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 3PM EDT and all final approvals must be submitted before 1PM EDT workdays to ensure your packages leaves the same day. Please keep their hours in mind, especially if you are requesting a sample on weekends, late nights of holidays.

The following rules apply to samples:

  1. Our designer will send you a sample through our ticket system. You must go to that ticket page to view their work, discuss changes, etc. Do not discuss sample issues with customer support staff as they are not the designers.
  2. All samples must be approved within 9 days from the day your order was placed. 
    1. Any active orders containg samples that are not approved within those 9 days, will ship as is. Any repints that could have been avoided by checking your sample will be subject to reprint fees here. Any mistakes made by the design staff, will of course be reshipped free of charge.
  3. When our design team sends a sample or has questions/comments, you will be alerted of updates via email and asked to access your ticket to see the latest updates.

NOTE: This service is not available without the purchase of a diploma, transcript or certificate.

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