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You are viewing your cart!. This page will show you a breakdown of everything you are purchasing from BuyaFakeDiploma.com, including details about each item. If you are purchasing a custom document such as diploma, certificate or transcript, you can even select EDIT to go back to the product page and make changes to specific details you may realize are incorrect such as names and dates. What to know how much shipping will be? At the bottom of this page, key in some details about your shipping location where it says “Estimate Shipping and Tax” and the site will provide current shipping rates!

Added an item you didn’t meant to? No problem! Select the X-option to remove that product or service from your cart.

Again, if your purchased a custom diploma, transcript, etc and want to see a sample of proof of the item before it ships (to look over and approve the designer’s work), please add this service below by adding our sample option to your cart.

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