Closed College Diplomas

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Do you sell fake diplomas from closed colleges and universities?

Yes, a few years back after much demand from our customers we started to offer a line of fake diplomas and fake transcripts too from universities and colleges that have shut down and no longer operate.

What the benefits for these types of closed college degrees?

For many companies like ours are one of the few places where former graduates can get replacement diplomas made. Think about it, because the school is no longer operating and has shut down its doors, there is nobody there printing replacement degrees. Others who purchase fake diplomas as novelties, find a fake from a closed school to be very beneficial because often times verification is impossible.

A good example of one of these diplomas working well, is a former customer of ours named Elton who was trying to trick a friend of ours into thinking he graduated as a prank. He was sure his buddy was going to call the school up and confirm everything even though I tried to ensure him how unlikely that was. Yet, by getting a fake diploma made from a closed college out of Florida, nothing could be checked out and obviously his friend totally bought into the gag.

Why do most schools close?

A lot of the schools we work with close down due to financial reasons. In most cases the schools are privately funded and due to a lack of enrollment the schools decide to close their downs. Otherwise the schools may get shut down due to particular practices. The list is one that is constantly changing as new schools are added with so many for profit schools coming about that can’t meet expectations.