How to Get Fake College Transcripts

how to get fake college transcripts

If your going to make the effort to purchase a fake college degree, consider fake college transcripts when ordering. They’re simple to buy online, affordable, fun to show off to friends and display on your wall. A fake transcript can also help make your fake college diploma look and feel more realistic. Imagine making your most skeptical friends second guess your academic skillet? Imagine making old classmates second that you really did dropout last spring.

Are you looking for the perfect item to compliment your college, then get a set of fake college transcripts today.

Shop for College Transcripts This 2021!

A set of actual transcripts features classes, grades and final scores. Consider this when ordering a personalized fake transcript. This document will represent you and everything about you. In order to make your college transcript look more realistic, I recommend going with an average score. Studies reveal an average high school GPA is 3.0 and college grade averages change by major. Looking too smart can sometimes raise a red flag. At the time downplaying your intelligence too much can also make others question the authenticity of the document. If you were somebody buying a set of college transcripts, chances are you never graduated. More than that, you never attend college or a university. Because of this don’t oversell yourself with scores that are too perfect to be believable. You want people to assume your actually represent the percentage of college graduates.

Tips for Buying Transcripts from Colleges and Universities

If you plan on buying a fake college transcript, I would purchase a diploma along with it. The reasoning is because many copyright laws prevent print shops from fully replicating official seals due to copyright laws. Any seals used are often high quality, very realistic and reminiscent of official seals. That being said, they are not 100% matches and the the designs are property of each print shop. This means if you transcripts from one site and a diploma from another, the seals may not match up. As you could imagine, this poses a very big problem. We recommend that both items come from the same designer.

Through the power of the internet, today makes it easier than ever get a fake transcript from a college.

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