What is Your Favorite Fake Degree Meme?

Favorite Fake Diploma Memes!

Life can take a lot out of us. From dealing with the daily stresses of life and work, you can sometimes find a break from all of it with hilarious fake degree memes from the internet.

A funny meme about fake diplomas can be no exception. We have put together a list of some of our favorites for you to enjoy.

We apologize if any of these offend some of you as we’re just simply trying to have a little fun here.

My Favorite Memes of 2020!

no diploma for you
No diploma for you! So maybe this is what the Soup Nazi said on Seinfeld.
fake diploma jobs that are tearable
The following fake degree meme shows of a replica college diploma. The joke is because since paper tears so does a diploma. Pretty lame but still a good laugh. This is my personal favorite fake degree meme for September!
forest gump fake diploma meme
Life is like box of chocolates or in this case a diploma! Classic Forest Gump line? This meme does remind me of the scene where Forest graduates and holds up his diploma. That diploma, just another example of a diploma prop in a movie.
fake diploma so beautiful it bought me to tears
Actually had a customer once who lost their diploma. She wasn’t sure what to do but luckily we helped me. She cried about the experience. Not funny but meme reminds me of that story.
the joke about a diploma that was thinskinned
Ever hear somebody is thin skinned? A diploma can be thin… there lies the joke.
dos equis fake degree meme
Losing a diploma isn’t fun. Just ask the dos equis guy.

Do you agree with our meme list?

What funny fake degree meme are we missing and what memes would you love to see here? Post your feedback below.

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