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What is a GED Test?

In the USA they are called a "General Equivalency Development" test and in Canada, they are called a "Canadian General Equivalency Diploma" test. Either consist of a group of questions in a variety of different subjects. The tests can be taken by students no longer attending high school currently. Once it is passed, the student is certified as having the academic skills equivalent of a high school diploma.

Typically a test consist of 5 parts.

  • Science
  • Math
  • Language Arts / Writing
  • Language Arts / Reading
  • Social Studies

Once you obtain your GED, you can often apply for jobs that require a high school diploma, even if you did not graduate since many employees see a GED as a replacement.

What is a good or bad GED test score?

Many local districts collect correct scores for graduating high school schoolers to determine what would be considered a good or bad score for a GED test. Most of the time the lowest a score can be is 200 points and the highest is 800 points. Since a majority meet in the middle, you find many people passing their test with a score in the 500 range. A well-made GED transcript will showcase a list of all subject areas, the date each subject test was taken, and your overall points scored for each test. The transcript will also showcase the name of the ged testing center and personal information about yourself. The value of such documents in today's job market cannot be understated as many people realize the vale of such a document when job hunting.

What are the advantages of earning my GED?

Often in life, we run into hurdles that forever change our future. Maybe you are a single mother who had to drop out of school and a GED diploma is a way to boost your career path. Your situation in life may not make staying in school possible, forcing a document such as this as your only way out. Ordering a diploma and transcript from a GED testing center can be a great way to encourage yourself to earn the real thing. Often people will carry it around, looking at it as they spend long nights studying and trying to earn the real thing. It's important that you don't give up and focus on the advantages of achieving such a diploma.

People with a GED diploma earn more.

The reality is somebody with a GED looking to find work can earn more than $10,000 a year that somebody without it. That is a big deal. Imagine earning $25,000 a year at your job and then being told you can make $36,000 instead simply because you raised your game with a better document in hand.

Be a role model with a GED.

Even if you were unable to get a diploma from high school and could not graduate, your children and others in your life may be inspired by your decision to make something of yourself and earn your GED. Proving to others you can set goals for yourself and achieve those goals is very noble.

Furthering your education requires a GED.

Maybe you get your GED and create a better job and end it right there. Maybe the pay increase is enough and you are ready to call it a day. That's fine. BUT, if you ever do decide to further your education by going to college and studying for an associate's, that is impossible without a GED. Higher educational institutions require a GED to take your education to the next level.

We make grabbing fake GEDs very simple! All of the documents provided by are sold as personal replacements, props, novelties, etc. These are not official documents and they hold no educational value. At the same time, we realize that whether you're trying to boost your own esteem or fool a friend, it's vital that the documents we produce look and feel as realistic as possible. That is why we put such care, time, and attention to detail into everything we create for our clients like yourself. Diplomas such as these can be a great way to boost your esteem. Imagine carrying a fake diploma around and seeing the document every day with your name on it, along with a future graduation date and final scores you want to someday earn. Trying to make the fake GED a reality can motivate you and help you achieve huge goals you set for yourself.

How to Buy Fake GEDs Now?

To get started, choose a product below. Any one of the documents can be used as a GED from the United States or America or as a GED from Canada. Whether your document is from Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Toronto or Vancouver, each GED document is 100% custom made to order with details you receive from you in our order form.

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