How to Get a Copy of My High School Diploma and Transcript –

When you find yourself applying to a local college, applicants are typically required to show proof they graduated, by providing a copy of their high school diploma and/or transcript set. Many former students who have lost such documents, struggle on what to do next as they aren’t sure how they can get a copy made at that point. Even if you attended high school and dropped out, meaning you only went two years or less, you still should be able to get a copy of your official transcripts form your former school.

There are many legit reasons why somebody may need a copy of their documents quickly. These include:

#1 I Attended Two High Schools

When a student goes to one high school and is forced to leave because their family moves, the new high school is going to want proof of their academic history in the form of a copy of their transcript. The new school will either transfer in this academic history or keep a record o the student’s precious academic history on file. Students do not need to call up their old school to obtain these records. In most cases, a school can charge a small fee, to obtain your transcript records from the previous high school.

#2 What if I Didn’t Graduate High School

If a student dropped out of high school and did not get their diploma, they can still get a copy of their transcript. The transcript will simply show the cases the student did take, in their short in school and how good or bad they did. The transcript will show that the student did not graduate.

Another option is to purchase a fake diploma and fake high school transcript. Items like this, which look and feel authentic but are not official, can be used as personal replacement for boosting esteem, fooling a friend or as a prop. You’d have to decide if this fits your own needs.

#3 If I Got a GED Instead of a High School Diploma. How Can I Get This Copy?

If a student has a GED and needs a copy they will need to contact their local state administrative office. They can also try contacting the testing center or school where they took any tests.

If you are not happy with the GED score you got, another option is to get a fake ged diploma. This could help you feel smarter on a personal letter with a realistic recreation of your past document.

Using Fake Diplomas and Transcripts as High School Copies

Most people find the process of replacing lost documents tough and look for faster solutions. If you want to attend a good college, but don’t have the grades to, it’s tempting to purchase high school transcripts. Customers can customize their set with any school they want, their name, specific classes and grades they want highlighted. These fast diplomas and transcripts can feel like the perfect answer to getting into a great collect and guarantee sucess in life. Are they? We aren’t at liberty to say.