How to Make a Fake High School Diplomas

If you have the right materials in front of you, fake diplomas are easy to make. They can be a nice addition to a party about graduation, although there are many other reasons why somebody might want one. They want to display a diploma in one more than place, requiring backups. They may also want to get a copy without going through their school.  No matter why, a copy can be made.

The first step is to gather up many diploma. Study each diploma and ask yourself what makes each diploma unique and what makes each one different. There are a few things diplomas have in common but depending on the type of degree and which school it is, some factors will alert document to document. If you want to create e a diploma from a school, it would be great to get a diploma from that same school or at least close to it.

Next make sure you locate the best paper, the right paper, the right weight. All of it matters. A diploma that is too flimsy will do nobody any good. The right paper depends on the diploma as some schools will use cream colored paper, some use white paper, heck I’ve even blue paper. Good paper can be find at any paper stock company but there can be endless rows and shelves of paper to go through. Be sure to find the right paper. To make a good fake diploma, the maker should be matching the diploma paper up.

When you have everything, all your materials, you ready to get started. Next, begin to edit the format and layout. A diploma can be made with graphic design software. A good software like Photoshop or even better Illustrator will run you about $250 but you can use a lesser cost designer software like Microsoft Paint but it is very amateur. Not recommended if you want the better quality created diplomas. If you can download and install what you want, your a few mouse clicks away from your dream.

The first thing you will want to do is type out the name of the high school. Be sure if the school writes out the full name or shortens anything. Sometimes a high school diploma will say “high school” and other times the school name may end with just “high”. Next add the diploma holder or your name as the student. If your name legally changed you will want to make sure the name matches up with what was once on file. Last to go enter in some signatures. Forgery is never recommended cause it is illegal. You still want signatures that don’t sound too unofficial to pass as legit.

If your making a diploma you will need to locate a seal. The official seal is most likely want you want if the diploma has to look realistic. This can usually be found on the school’s website but sometimes the only downloadable copies are of reduced quality or not available to anybody other than staff or students. If your fortunate enough to get the seal, you could include it onto the template of the high school diploma you have designed using your computer. We recommend adding the seal after the print if the type of seal is of a gold foiled material. Printed seals can be added when including other details such as names and dates.

Once your are done compared the fake high school diploma you have created against the real diploma issued by the high school. It is imported to carefully study them side by side and be sure all of the important aspects are achieved and the fake looks as real as possible.

Of course if you are interested in collecting diplomas, purchasing expensive software, hunting down paper supplies, etc you could always buy one. It would be less time confusing and require less headaches and troubles.