How to Make a High School Diploma for a Job

Nobody will deny the importance of having a diploma when applying for a new job. A diploma from your high school can often set you apart from competition and help and stand out. But what happens when you lack a diploma? Have you ever wondered how to make a high school diploma for a job? For the proper resources and materials it can be possible.

Why would somebody make a high school diploma?

Like I said sometimes people start brand new jobs where a diploma is required. Other times a diploma isn’t required but maybe a few of your coworkers have their diplomas up on display and you feel like a failure without one.

Other times diplomas get lost or misplaced as we move around and change jobs. The process of replacing these documents isn’t as simply as calling up one’s old school. Some schools only print one diploma at the time of gradation making replacements impossible. A lot of naysayers will argue this is not true my own high school school would not replace my diploma which is what lead me to write this how to make a high school diploma for a job tutorial for anybody interested.

What do I need to make a high school diploma

There are a few things that you will want to have ready when you bring the process. The reality is making a high school diploma for a job is made easier when the right resources are obtained.

  • Get a high school diploma. This seems easy enough as you can search images and scans of actual high school diplomas online. Although you may feel like any diploma will do, it’s vital you find a copy of your actual high school diploma. Better yet, same diploma from the same graduating class or year. This means if you graduated in 2005, you want to find a 2005 high school diploma from that same school. That is likely easier said than done but make a good effort.
    • Use the official and unofficial name when searching. For instance, “Jefferson High” and “Jefferson High School” may yield different results.
  • Scan the diploma. Assuming you can’t find a copy online but have a real diploma somewhere, you are going to need to scan it! You want to scan that actual diploma and convert it into a digital copy. If you don’t have scanner, consider a service like This site lets you take a photo of the diploma and then they will save that photo as a scanned copy of the document. If not any local company that offers printing services should be able to scan the diploma for a low fee.
    • Tip: Request the scan in 300 dpi for the ultimate clarity. This will help the next steps along the process.
  • Open the diploma in a graphic design program. You will want to trace the diploma and that can only be done in a graphic design program. Think Photoshop. Yes, such software is costly and yes there are cheaper methods online but you will want to do a nice precise tracing of it and reliable software will make this easier.
  • Match up the elements of the diploma. When tracing keep in mind the aspects of the diploma that make it unique. For example is the name of the high school written flat left to right or arched? Also what font is used? Is the font fancy or modern? Is it thick and bold or thin? Using the wrong font size or thickness can make your high school diploma feel less legitimate.
    • Tip: If unsure, you can use a generic diploma font. This may not be an exact match but in many cases it is more than passable.
  • Edit the information. So obviously you find a copy of somebody else’s diplomas not yours. So now you need to edit these fields. Replace the graduate’s name and date of graduation with your specific information. Assuming you used a diploma from the same high school the location of the school and the name of the school should all be left as is. If you copied a diploma from a different school and want to switch out the name your risking how authentic the final copy may look.
  • Print it. This is the last part on how to make a high school diploma for a job but very important. It’s not just the type of printer but also the supplies. Consider that actual high school diplomas are printed on diploma paper that is special ordered for such purpose. They don’t simply go to their local store and buy a pack of cheap printing paper. Aside from that most real diplomas aren’t printed on a free inkjet printer provided at your local library. You may want to consider the same printing service that helped with your diploma scan to handle the printing process of the diploma.
    • Tip: Most paper used for printing high school diplomas is between a thickness of 0.18 mm and 0.30 mm. Although some diplomas may be thicker this is a general rule of thumb.

How to make a high school diploma for a job requires checking all the boxes above.

So right paper ✓. The right software ✓. The right ink ✓. You seem like you can’t fail at this, right? I mean how to make a high school diploma for a job seems like a sure fire bet. Well, you may be overly confident but not everybody is going to feel that way.

The process of making a high school diploma for a job can be hard.

Let’s be honest, if how to make a high school diploma for a job seems stressful and time consuming that’s because it can be. Keep in mind that showing off a high school diploma that seems off or lacks that tough of realism can make it utterly useless. Often you want to make a diploma yourself because you want something for free. Yet the money you save isn’t worth the final results. Fact is, it can be a lot of work to research and locate a high school diploma that fits your specific requirements. It can also be costly to invest in the right software and buy the proper supplies. Although paper and ink may seem cheap you aren’t buying a ink and paper for just one diploma. Stockpiling supplies for a single document can be excessive and costly.

Final Tips: How to Make a High School Diploma for a Job

If you’re looking for an easier path, you may want to hire out a company who offers fake diploma high school. They have diplomas from the USA, Philippines, Puerto Rico and even secondary school options for Canada. The diplomas are sold as lower end template options all the way up to custom made diploma replications. These sort of products are often sold as novelties for fooling a friend or as personal replacements. Print shops that offer these types of document options have spent the time and energy to collect real diplomas from high schools, studied their layouts. The knowledge allows them to generate realistic fakes for thousands of clients.

They simply collect information from you about the school you want, your name as you want it appear and any details regarding details. They really help simply the steps to making a high school diploma.

Others may find the process to be manageable. It all comes down to your resources or lack of resources. Yet if your came here seeking how to make a high school diploma for a job, hopefully that question has been answered.

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