Just for Fun – Parody Sites

Having a good laugh does nobody any harm. We love a good pun or joke. These parody, spoofs, and satire sites are a great list of places on the web I strongly recommend you check out today to have a good laugh.

  1. Click Hole. Think of a site like BuzzFeed or UpWorthy where people can share really cool content they find online. They site’s niche is sharing funny and silly content found online. It’s a great resource to get you started
  2. Uncyclopedia. This site parodies the most famous resource of information on the web, Wikipedia. They create their own, often funny content, to describe people, places and things.
  3. Barely Political. One of my favorite YouTube channels. These guys do hilarious comedy sketches, parodies of songs, silly music videos and more. Check out “Reggae Shark” here. It’s rip roaring animated video uploaded in 2014.
  4. How it Should Have Ended. Another hilarious channel on YouTube. These guys poke fun at how movies often end and give crazy and hilarious concepts on endings the movie creators should have considered instead.
  5. A parody of a real diploma. People love taking an official diploma and then creating a parody of it using funny names like “Evergreen College” or “Oak Park University”. If this sort of diploma parody interests you, you should check out the fake diplomas at buyafakediploma.com today.
  6. Lamebook. So often we spot hilarious posts from friends and pages we’re fan on each time we log into Facebook. This sites takes the best of the best, most funny posts and compiles them all into one place. This is awesome if your a Facebook fan like me.
  7. SportsPickle. Sometimes the world of sports can be pretty funny with self righteous athletes and silly little beefs. This site takes a fun spin on things with “fake news” about the sports world.
  8. The Spoof. These guys do some great parody articles on a number of subjects like celebrities, sports, music, etc. It’s all here in one place. A great resource of hilarious parody content.
  9. Join the Fanbase. This is a site that pokes fun at how the internet might look one day if net neutrality is lost forever. Although the subject matter may sound serious the site is anything but.
  10. WeirdAl.com Maybe the master at parody, Al has spent generators creating parodies of our favorite songs. Who can’t forget, “Eat It” and “Amish Paradise” to name many classics.