Making Smart Decisions When Shopping for Phony Diplomas Online?

Being Smart When Shopping for Phony Diplomas!

In an ideal scenario, we’d all be able to quickly and easily access replacements for our lost diplomas or misplaced ones… But there’s that and then there’s real life. In real life, things happen unexpectedly. High School diplomas are hard to find, colleges close due cuts to funding making it hard to secure duplicate copies of diplomas from closed colleges. Reasons like these are why phony diplomas spotted online may be beneficial.

Other reasons somebody may want such items is to be used as a movie or film props. A lot of times phony diplomas will as background pieces for scenes being filmed. Other times people may want a phony version to put on display allowing them to keep their real one locked up for security reasons. Sometimes, people are buying these items as entertaining gag gifts for friends.

Regardless of your reasons for buying phony diplomas, you need to do your homework when shopping with a retailer. As is the case when dealing with any online ordering service, there’s always a possibility that you’ll run into a fraudulent phony diploma shop. Here’s how to spot them:

1. Beware of “too good to be true” deals.

The fact is truly detailed authentic replica diplomas that look very real aren’t easy to make. As such, any site that offers them for half of their average value (or less) is likely to be a scam. That’s because it takes a lot of time to collect diplomas, research them, study them, recreate the layout, the structure and al the unique intriguing details that make them stand out.

Always look for print shops that charge a reasonable amount and provide real samples of their work (not stolen images from other sites). There are many new fly-by-night sites opening up every week in this industry that seal diploma and transcript product images and try to pass the work off as their own. We have been victims on nervous occasions.

2. Check out what payment methods the store accepts for phony diplomas purchases.

woman running scared from phony diploma shopping scams
Run! Run! Run! … from Phony Diploma Scams!

Paying for online orders with a credit card is usually a good idea because most major credit card companies offer full reimbursement if you get tricked by a scam site. Even if you aren’t planning to pay for your phony diploma with a credit card, however, it’s a good idea to make sure the retailer accepts them.

Why is this the case? Credit card companies require retailers to go through a verification process before accepting credit card payments. If a store only accepts bank wires or Paypal, they may not be legitimate (and therefore avoiding this verification process).

This is not to say there are not legitimate retailers in this industry who require payments such as transfers, certified checks, etc. It’s just that you have to be more careful cause are less ways to protect yourself from scams.

3. Read through the retailer’s contact information.

If you can’t find an online store’s contact information—their physical address and phone number, that is, not just an email address—then you should click away immediately. The vast majority of online stores that refuse to provide a physical address and accessible phone number don’t want to be found… Because they’re trying to evade the law.

4. Take note of how serious the retailer is about customer service.

Legitimate businesses who want to stay in business over the long term do everything they can to retain their customers. To that end, they typically provide a wide range of different communication channels to help their customers access support. In addition to providing a legitimate phone number and email address, they will often integrate live chat services into their website and sometimes even use SMS messaging.

To test how serious a retailer is about doing business, try emailing them with a question and see how quickly and thoroughly they respond to you. A good retailer will usually answer your inquiry within 24 hours on business days. A range of payment methods (including major credit cards), complete contact information, and excellent customer service policies are all indicators of a sterling online retailer—no matter what you’re shopping for.

Best Option When Staying Away from Internet Scams of Phony Diplomas?

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