Replica GED Diploma with Transcripts

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More and more people in the market for fake ged diplomas, are now turning their heads to phony high school equivalency diplomas which are basically the same thing. In fact, many people use the term high school equivalency instead of ged and it's why we're changing our language too.

For this very reason, we are pleased to offer a line of high school equivalency diploma packages which include a phony high school equivalency diploma along with a set of matching fake ged score sheets. Score sheets give testing information, scores and more and are a great addon for people looking for an extra real fake! Our fake score sheets also feature embossings, realistic signatures, and holograms. They are a very popular product among fake ged diploma shoppers!

Our packages are available with customizable templates that can be altered or if you need something more real looking, our realistic high school equivalency diploma is a replica of a real one and the best quality product you can buy anywhere online!

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We offer both 8.5"x11" folders (standard size) or 11"x14" folders (large option). All folders are black and fit a diploma or certificate document! This is a very popular item that gives your document an extra added sense of realism!

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Why Buy This Item?
Life-life Signatures! Replicated from our original templates generated from real diplomas from schools all over the world! Features Transcript Hologram! We Use Professional Grade Security Paper with Anti-Copy Technology High Quality Seals! Gold! Silver! Shiny!!!! Layouts 50 USA States! Pressed with our official registrar stamp Combo Packages! Save Money! Layouts for Canada! All Territories! Features Real GED Classes! Fast Delivery

98.3% of all orders ship in 24 business hours or less! In a hurry? No problem!

No matter where you live, we can help. We ship packages all over the world!

Want to see our work before it leaves? No problem. Request a free proof during checkout.

Have questions? Need help? Our high customer satisfaction comes by having so many channels to communicate from social media, live chat, phone support and more!

Features of Replica GED Diploma with Transcripts

  Life-life Signatures!

We stock a collection of authentic looking signatures that use real sounding names of individuals. We do not forge actual signatures but provide ones that make the final document look and feel very realistic!

  Replicated from our original templates generated from real diplomas from schools all over the world!

We stock actual diplomas and have captured their layout, structure and more for better quality fakes!

  Features Transcript Hologram!

This self destructing hologram to prevent tampering is often common on real transcripts too!

  We Use Professional Grade Security Paper with Anti-Copy Technology

The transcript paper we use features a background which briefly disappears when rubbed, metal activated wording and more. This special paper is common to the type used by many registrar offices when printing off academic records.

  High Quality Seals! Gold! Silver! Shiny!!!!

We produce documents with realistic looking seal options including shiny gold, silver, high quality ink prints, etc.One more benefit of getting this replica item vs fake downgrade.

  Layouts 50 USA States!

We offer diploma layouts for all 50 USA States! Major cities! Counties! Most layouts anymore!

  Pressed with our official registrar stamp

Each transcript, mark sheet or score sheet is pressed with our own registrar stamp, a practice commonly used by school's registrar offices!

  Combo Packages! Save Money!

This item includes a diploma plus transcript. Get both items together and save!

  Layouts for Canada! All Territories!

We offer the most Canadian layouts! All Providences! All territories!

  Features Real GED Classes!

Our score sheets feature common classes that one might find on a GED test. The scores for each class can also be adjusted.

  Fast Delivery

All of our items ship in less than 24 business hours. Just order before our daily cutoff. Also note that sample or proof requests may delay shipping.
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Mary Wolfe's Product Review!
Thank you so much for rushing this out last Thursday. Sorry I called at the last second. I appreciate you doing this for me. I just got both items today and everything arrived looking good!!! Review submitted by Mary Wolfe customer of
Sheri Howard's Product Review!
Ordered one from Iowa, very impressed with the overall layout and how accurate it was. Review submitted by Sheri Howard customer of
Renee Martinez's Product Review!
Great product! Great service! Went here after my friend recommend them. Elizabeth was a huge help! Review submitted by Renee Martinez customer of

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