Search Engine Result Evaluation

A search engine’s page rank usually will provide results depending on how trusted the resource material is. In most cases a respected site will be referenced by another respected site. The more a page or url is referenced by reliable resources, the better chance it has of improving it’s page rank.

Page results that feature unrelated material or lack references from reliable resources tend to be pushed further down the search results. There are some tools you can use to see how particular urls or pages do with their page rank.

You should always question the content in front of you because:

  1. Anybody can create a website. Just having a website does not make you a legitimate resource.
  2. Anybody can post things online about how reliable and truth worthy a website is.
  3. Anybody can post or edit information that is not accurate or validated.

The majority of websites have an agenda. They either exist to get your to buy a product or service or push an idea or philosophy that you agree with. It’s important that your remain skeptical and know what to look for, what to critique, and what to question when viewing search engine results for keyword searches.

Questions to Ask Yourself of Any Website

  1. Who made this website. Have I heard of them? Do they have a track record? Do others trust them?
  2. Is this information and resources reliable? Does the website list any resources to back up their claims?
  3. Why does the site exist? What are they trying to do? Is the message clear?
  4. Is the information up to date? Do all the links work? Does the site owner refresh the page and keep it current?
  5. Is the website complete? Is it unique? Is it different from other results.

Tips on Improving Search Results

Try searching for the following terms and see how a search engine displays the results? How accurate are they? Do they closely match what you want to find or are they way off. Consider some of the following examples:

  • is it true that 5g is dangerous
  • why do people like spicy food
  • how do you make buttermilk
  • why is my dog shaking
  • is it ok to eat raw eggs
  • why diploma is better than degree
  • why is the sky blue
  • why business degree is the best
  • is it ok to freeze milk

Are you happy with the results? Do they match up what you are looking for? Was the site made by a reliable source, does it have reliable resources, etc. All of these can help improve search results for you.