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Shop Fake Diplomas, Degrees and Transcripts Today! is the internet’s #1 rated phony diploma site in 2021. We’re a proud USA based printing company who specializes in 100% custom made novelty documents such as diplomas, certificates, degrees and transcripts from high schools, colleges and universities.

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Our items are great as:

  • great personal replacements
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We are not a mill; nothing is verified and not degree statuses are granted. What we are presenting is the most shockingly real diploma fakes of any site. Prepare to be blown away by the realism. That’s a guarantee.

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View our list of available high school and college choices below.

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Most orders ship in 24 business days. Delays may happen with detailed custom requests, etc.

When Will My Documents Arrive?

We offer overnight rush delivery, free ground, etc. Anywhere from the next day or a few days. See our shipping & delivery page here for more info.

Free order samples can be requested to check over our work before it leaves and the best support team can be reached via phone, email or live chat if you need help.

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Diploma Folder Cover


Fake GED Diploma


Fake GED Test Scores


Fake IQ Certificate

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Fake Marriage Certificate

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Fake Birth Certificate


Fake High School USA Diploma

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Fake TESOL Certificate


Closed College Diploma

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