Steps to Getting High School Diploma Copy

Steps to Getting High School Diploma Copy

Almost four million students graduate high school each spring and walk across the stage and are handed a diploma. Although we cherish these documents and hold onto our diplomas and transcripts, what happens if we realize either document is lost, when applying for a job? How can we get a copy of our high school diploma?

Do you call up your own high school? Can they help you? Are there hurdles you may run into? What about using a fake diploma as a temporary fix? Can it get the job done til the real thing arrives. What should I know if I choose to invest in a fake in 2021?

If you’re looking to get a copy of your diploma from high school, keep the following in mind.

Make Sure Somebody is Asking for a Copy of Your Diploma or Your Transcript

Sometimes you will be asked for a transcript and sometimes a high school diploma. Often some will think they are the same but are far from it. A lot of jobs don’t consider a diploma as an official record that you graduated. Having a diploma just means that you did earn a degree. A transcript tells a much bigger story because it lets a potential employer look deep into how good (or bad) you did an individual class and your overall scores.This can separate job applicants from those who barely graduated and those who may be more knowledgeable in certain areas.

If you are looking to get into a public or private college, make sure the school doesn’t want a copy of your diploma but instead a copy of the transcript instead. A lot of times this is what they really want to have and former students waste time trying to collect a diploma.

If you know you want a copy of your diploma from high school, take the following actions.

Ask your High School For a Diploma Copy 

In the case of college, you can call up the registrar office and request a copy of your diploma. As long as no fees are left unpaid, a diploma copy can usually be mailed to you for as little as $25 and as high as $150. Costs often depend on the type of degree you are replacing; as university doctorate diploma may cost more than a ged diploma to get a copy of.

In the case of a high school, would either contact the local registrar office or visit the school’s website. You can also visit the school itself and ask for assistance. 

Somebody at the registrar office will be able to assist you in your request.

What Requirements Do I Need to Submit for a Copy

Most high schools are going to either request a copy of your driver’s license and/or social security number. This is to confirm your graduation. You can then fill out a form documenting your name at the time of graduation, your graduation year, etc. Other information they may want to know is why you’re replacing the diploma along with your current mailing address and a sworn statement proving the diploma is indeed lost.

After paying a processing fee, and processing your application, the school will often mail out a replacement copy.

Typically new copies are mailed out in 1-2 weeks and can take a total of 3-4 weeks to arrive. Obviously circumstances depending on your school and how they fulfill requests.

What if My High School Can’t Help Me Get a Copy?

In many cases, high schools do not provide replacements of high school diplomas. The fact is, many high schools only print one diploma per student at the time of graduation and after that no additional copies are provided. This is because a diploma is often seen as a keepsake and not a form of record keeping. For that purpose, a high school would rather encourage you to obtain and submit a set of transcripts instead.

Getting a transcript may be the only option you have. BUT in the case of using a diploma for personal purposes, meaning it never has to be verified, a fake high school diploma may provide an alternative. I have heard stories, although rare, of high schools suggesting such sites for former students who simply want to replace lost documents but have zero intent on using them for employment or educational gain.

Another reason why a fake may be worth considering is if your school has shut down or closed. Sometimes high schools will cease operations. Often academic records are transferred to an alternative school in the same county or district. 

What to Stay Away From

If submitting diplomas for a job, you want to stay away from a forged diploma or a false high school diploma. A lot of times former high school students get excited at the idea because it seems like a quick solution to a big problem. There are many shady websites out there that sell these fake diplomas and even verify them for employers, but using such documents and take advantage of such services can land you in hot water.

The term fake diploma breaks off into many segments and can be a very gray area. Obviously laws can change from state to state, district to district, and country to country. In 99% of cases owning a fake diploma is 100% legal to do as long as changes are made against the real diploma making it different enough and the site does not encourage use beyond that of a novelty.

Most sites that people refer to when they think of being the most evil of fake diplomas come from what you’d may call a mill. This is what a business opens up under the name of a school and for a price will hand out degrees that they gladly verify for a price under the name of that fictitious school. This is coming is encouraging the misuse of fake documents and it’s completely different from that of a novelty print shop.

It would be fraud to use your fake diploma to get a job or get accepted into a school. This is because you are falsifying records.  This may get your fixed, expelled, or much worse. Your job or school may take legal action and fines or penalties may become your way.

The problem is using a fake diploma copy to pretend you have credentials you don’t have. If your decision gets you a job and you risk the safety of others or worse yet “hurt them” because of your inability to do that job, the charges may be much more serious.

However: buying a phony diploma or novelty diploma to hang on a wall, fool a friend or use as a temporary replacement is another thing. There are many legit reasons why people buy fake diplomas from high schools, colleges, etc. 

If a High School Provides a Diploma Copy Must it Be Sealed?

Often if you request a school to mail a copy of your diploma to a job or school, the diploma will arrive in a sealed envelope. The same goes with transcripts. This doesn’t mean there is a shiny gold seal on it. It just means it’s sealed shut so that the documents instead can’t be tampered with.

Because a school wants to make sure they are sending the diploma and not somebody else, they seal all diploma copies they send out.

Even a copy you have sent to yourself, after the 6-8 week delay, will arrive sealed. This is just how high schools hand copy requests.

Final Thoughts from Me

If you’re looking to get a copy of your high school diploma, first call up the school or visit the school’s website to see if they can help you. Most often the replacement fee is small but the delays can be very inconvenient.

If you’re using this to gain entry into a job or get accepted into a school, you need an official document so take a deep breath, relax and wait it out. If the diploma is truly for novelty purposes or if you want something to hang up on your wall the next day, you can look into high quality and realistic copies of fake high school diplomas.

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