Types of Fake Certificate

There are dozens of popular fake certificates in addition to common fake diplomas and degrees. As more and more people want to play pranks on unsuspecting people, their popularity grows. The majority of fake certificates are purchased harmless fun. Their also sold at reasonable prices.

The main purchase of fake certificates is to entertain others. They are not provided to be used as official records or to fool authorities. Such actions go against intended uses and could land you in a hot spot.

Regardless of why you want one, the quality has to be authentic. A good supplier understands this. There are many types of fake certificates available including fake certificates of marriage and even fake death certificates. This article will discuss these in finer detail.

Best Fake Certificates for Sale

A novelty marriage certificate, which many sites offer, provides a great novelty experience. Imagine a friend whose “in love” with her favorite celebrity. For her birthday you get her a marriage certificate showing she’s now married to Justin Bieber. The irony is a lot of celebrities fake their own marriages.

Most people will know the marriage certificate presented isn’t official. But for a second it would provide a good laugh.

Another top item are fake certificates of birth. Somebody whose tried to start rumors saying they were born on the same day and at the same hospital as somebody famous could pull one of these beauts out. I had friend named David Figueroa who use to say he was born on the same day as Elon Musk. He even use to say he was born at the same hospital. His British accent sort of helped but we all knew he was full of s** and kept giving him a hard time.

Then one day David shows up with fake certificates. They say he was born the 28th of June, 1971. OK, that’s a start. Then the document says it was from Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. It gave some hospital name but none of that any of us could even variety.

Like the marriage certificate, we could question the birth certificate authority. Yet, it worked fora moment and it proved the value fake certificates hold as novelty items.

Other Types of Fake Certificates

Another type of fake certificates people will often ask for are fake death certificates. We don’t do these. I honestly don’t know anybody who does.

I have hard of stories of people who get a fake certificate like this and send it to the local paper stating they’ve passed away. The paper printed it in the obituary section. Making sure not to call or talk to a friends or family for a few days, some of them read about his fake passing in the paper. They were shocked and devastated.

Later he revalued it was a part of an April Fools Joke. Would have always make a solid Halloween prank!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for fake certificates there are a few number of suppliers worth considering. They all make 100% custom documents including fakes of marriage, certificate and TESOL documents. There are plenty more on top of this.

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