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Replica Diplomas

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Replica diploma quality is a degree above the rest

When we first launched this website years ago, we decided to only produce custom diplomas personalized with choices selected by our customers. With this, customers could pick out a layout they love, and then choose from our catalog of paper choices, seals, etc. Even though in the end, buyers were given the exact diploma they wanted, it was not a true replication of an actual high school or college diploma. That is why we launch this replica diploma service awhile back.

What is a replica diploma?

Simply put, it is a true replication of an actual diploma from a local university or high school or ged testing center. The idea may sound simple although it’s anything but. First, we collect copies of actual diplomas and then carefully study their layout and structure. We then design original template using those specific layouts. These templates are a guide, letting know what fonts the actual diploma uses, where the seal goes, how many signatures it must have, how the school’s name is written, etc. We have recreated an unbelievable number of replica templates on file, each assigned to specific schools and degree types.

What goes into making my replica diploma?

When you order such a product from us, the staff is made aware of the type of degree you want, the school you need, etc. We then access our collection of replica diplomas and choose the best original template suited for your needs. Next, we personalize the template with your unique information such as your name, dates for graduation, degree details and more. The final document is then sent to you to preview and look over, if you choose to do so, and/or it’s professionally printed, packaged and shipped out. Each replica we produced is given the best paper choice and proper seal selection. This is why we never ask you what sort of paper color you want or seal choice, because when you invest in a replica you are investing in a company’s knowledge of that diploma and trust they know best. That is why we strongly advise against businesses in our industry that ask you what paper color you want when if they truly know what the real diploma uses, why even ask if you are really selling a replication?

Why are replica diplomas more extensive than “fake” ones?

You will notice on our site that we sell both fake diplomas created from templates and higher quality replica diplomas. As you’ve learned now, a replica diploma is a true replication of an actual student-issued diploma. With a “fake” you are still getting a good looking product but it is more or less a regional design that can be personalized with paper colors, seal choices, etc. If most cases a “fake” will be good enough to pass as legitimate but often buyers will choose to upgrade to a replica because they demand a closer match to the real thing.

The fact is, replicas do cost more. A lot of the reason is due to research. In many cases we have spent years collecting actual diplomas from real schools and then used those diplomas to generate original templates. When you consider the number of schools there are factored by each country, each site, different degree types, you can get a better understanding of the work involved in offer a replication service and why we charge the fees we do.

Still, unlike some sites we provide options. No matter what product you buy, you will get receive exceptional customer service from us. If you can budget it, we highly recommend upgrading to our replica diploma service as the majority of our buyers find the quality exceptional and the fees justifiable.