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As of April, 2020, is currently the #1 rated best fake diploma site with buyers.

The blog did a review on us by polling customers and rate sites like ours on a series of areas including overall product quality, customer support and value.

As of today we are ranked as the best site out of the bunch in these key areas. Most of the positive feedback came about our replica diplomas and fake transcripts.

Breaking Down the Report

We know on the surface rating support, quality, etc seems simply but we wanted to break down what we do to achieve these higher approval ratings.

  • Product Quality is a big one for us. We spend a great deal of time researching diplomas and their layouts and try to create the best templates. We want everything we make to capture the layout and structure of a real diploma. This takes a lot of work and effort by our team so to hear so many love what we do it’s very satisfying.
  • Customer support is not a shock because we look around and see our competitors. There are few sites that are as easily reachable as us. We have offer so many easy ways to get support including live chat, phone, email etc. It’s so simple. When so many to others decided to cut hours and we decided to stay later, we’re glad to see that decision paid off.
  • As far as value, having options is the key. We recommend higher end products like our replica high school diploma. We also know some people are on a budget so we offer more affordable fake high school diplomas instead. The options allow us to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Thank You For the Feedback

Everyday we hear from many happy customers and collect Reviews but it’s great see the same positive feedback on these third party independent review blogs.

We want to thank our customers for voting us up and telling sites like this about their positive experiences. We very much appreciate it. We will continue to work hard and ensure the best fake diplomas are put out with us.

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