Why Are Business Degrees So Popular with Students

Deciding what degree program you want to study can be a big decision. As some students are working full time jobs and helping raise a family, it’s smart to think long and hard about this subject. Business degrees meaning a popular choice because they offer a flexible academic programs and education, in a variety of areas that are important to a number of businesses and organizations. But at the time getting a business degree is not easy and it takes a lot of time. So, is it a smart fit for you?

If you looking to land a job in the world of business, your likely looking to spend money on things that will give you an edge and offer a solid return on your investment. Some students choose business degrees because they figure they offer a fast path to good high salary paying jobs in the business sector. The truth is getting a return – such as a great paying job – isn’t possible with lots of hard work, practice and a solid investment in something like a college education.

If you’re unsure if it’s worth your time and energy, be sure to sit down and fill out an application for a local college. Speak to an adviser and find out if a business degree is a smart choice for you.

A Degree is Vital in Today’s Job Market

A lot of times people will ask, “do I need a business degree to work in the business field?” Yes, you do. Of the 20+ job categories in the business field, all but one requires a degree in business to do their job.

This is a Great Job Market

Every study shows that business degrees are in high demand. In fact, 8 out of 10 top majors sought by employees in 2018 where business related.

Employee is also very stable for graduates with business degrees. Compared to other majors, business degree holds have a lower unemployment rate. When you factor in those with graduate business degrees, the rate is even lower.

Even though there are many companies who want a business degree holder and the unemployment rate is low which is great, that doesn’t mean getting a degree is possible without hard work. A degree in business does not guarantee anybody a job. Thankfully, as an adult with a family and responsibilities you realize little in life does.

Salaries and Protected Growth

Once you are able to land a job with a diploma, it’s true that business degrees often result in higher paying salary jobs. The following chart shows occupations along with wages and degree programs recommended.

  1. Medical & Health Service Managers – 18% Protected GrowthBusiness of Science in Marketing or MBA in Marketing
  2. Financial Managers- 16% Protected GrowthBachelor of Science in Business Administration – MBA in Finance
  3. Advising, Promotions & Marketing Managers – 8% Protected GrowthBusiness of Science in Marketing or MBA in Marketing
  4. Human Resources Managers- 7% Protected GrowthBusiness of Science in Business Administration or MBA in Human Resource Management
  5. Personal Financial Advisers- 7% Protected GrowthBachelor of Science in Business Administration Finance or MBA in Finance
  6. Financial Analysts – 6% Projected GrowthBachelor in Business Administration – Finance or MBA in Finance
  7. Lodging Managers – 1% Projected GrowthBachelor of Science in Business Administration – Hospitality & Tourism

Investing in a Business Career

Most careers in business require, at the very least, a bachelors degree in business. That said a higher education such as a maters degree or doctorate degree, you give you the best path to a good career.

Keep in mind that college is expensive and it’s important to research various business degree programs offered by institutes and how respected having one of those degrees is in today’s job market. You also need to consider how much of an edge having such a degree from a specific university gives you, again focusing on the return of the investment as it will vary depending on the cost against the returned value in annual salary etc.

Next Steps to Get a Popular Business Degree

The reality is such a degree will never come easy. The path in front of you is a tough one so be sure to understand the challenges ahead, hurdles you must face and then ask yourself how will you overtake those ordeals.