Buy Fake Diplomas from High Schools, Colleges and more! is professional supplier of high quality custom printed fake diplomas and degrees from local area high schools and colleges. Most of our clients use our products to replace lost or damaged documents from their school or to fool a friend into believing they graduated with a realistic looking novelty. We know that no matter why you need our services, quality is key which is why we work so hard to ensure the best looking fake diplomas anywhere! We offer a diploma replacement service with options for schools all over the world and price points that fit nearly any budget.

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Fake Diplomas

We make buying phony diplomas from high schools and colleges easy! Every document is designed from real degrees capturing their layout, structure and more. Now offering shiny gold seals and free shipping and rush service! See our diploma line today!

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Fake Transcripts

Our novelty transcripts feature coursework for a number of popular degree majors. Each transcript is printed on security paper, carefully embossed, digitally signed and more. These items are great compliments to diploma purchases or terrific score sheets on their own.

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Fake Certificates

Looking to a fool a friend with novelty certificate? We create many favorites such as marriage, birth, iq and others. Each item is recreated from actual certificates and then personalized with your details. Enjoy some of the best looking fakes around, made fast and shipped quick.

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Product Extras and Addons

There are a number of additional services and product accessories we offer through this store. Please take a look here to learn more.

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Why choosing to buy diplomas from us is a "bright" idea!


Choices for Any Budget!

We create products that any buyer can afford. From low cost templates to high quality replicas, see what we can do! View our product pages to learn more.


Free Proofs

Concerned about the final product? Stop worrying and request a free proof. This lets you preview our work before it ships out. More details at checkout.


Say No to Scams!

We accept all major credit cards. Say "no" to shaddy sites that want you to wire money. Your money is not at risk, making for a safe purchase.


How to Buy Fake Diplomas and Degrees from Our Website!


Place an Order

Pick from our line of custom documents including college and ged diplomas, high school transcripts, certificates and more!

Our website breaks down our product line by degree type. First figure out if you want a high school or college product, to access the items you want most.

Customize Your Item

Next, let me know what details you want on the document including names and dates. With college options, here you can request degree major information and with ged products,you can request specific scores.

Let us Do Our Thing!

Next our staff begins the process of producing your custom document. We consider what you want, research options, etc. The process involves a team of people working together to provide you the best looking fake diploma products on the market!


Buy Quality Fake Diplomas and Degrees at!

A client contacted our website looking to replace a high school degree they had obtained over ten years ago. The diploma was damaged due to a recent storm that flooded their basement. Unable to get a second copy through the school, they came to us where we sold them a fake diploma as a personal replacement. Stories like this happen every day here at this website and it’s one of the many reasons why buyers choose to invest in the products we sell.

Whether you want to replace a previous lost degree from a college or ged testing center, or want to fool a friend with a set of realistic transcripts or a phony certificate, we can help. At we produce 100% custom made educational documents that look and feel like many popular favorites.

We started this business back in 2007 after realizing the industry needed a change. At the time, most of the businesses like ours offered minimal product selection, sketchy payment options and terrible customer support. We set out to change all of that by introducing affordable options whether still producing high quality replicas. We also allowed customers to purchase items using a credit card which made for a safe and secured payment option, something many sites were not doing then. We also hired a group of customer support agents and went out of our work to work extended hours and be there for our clients. Are we opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? No. But compare us to most competitors who work just four hours of support a day if at all and you will truly appreciate how we operate and the effort we put into your buying experience.

If you are interested in purchasing a fake diploma from a high school or college, a fake transcript from a GED testing center or university, a novelty certificate such as marriage, IQ or birth certification, we would enjoy your business. To get started, choose a category from our site such as diplomas, transcripts diploma and transcript packages above. Once there, you will see a variety of product options including fake templates and replica diplomas. Our templates feature regional designs which can be customized by choosing from our selection of seals and paper colors. With a replica, we ask little questions from you because you are buying a precise replication meaning we know what seal to us, what paper is best, etc. With a replica product are you getting the highest quality type of fake you can buy. For some customers upgrading is worth every penny. For others they still find benefits in most affordable template options.

Once an order is fully submitted, our staff is made aware of your order and we begin the process of producing your document and getting it ready to be shipped out. If you choose to see a proof of our before it leaves, it’s at this time we will email you details on how to preview your work, look it over and authorize it before it leaves.

We hope this website finds you in good spirits and should you ever need us, for any reason, our staff is here for you. We can be reached over the phone by calling 305-892-8886, emailing us through our support page here or chatting live which you can locate in the bottom left of your screen.