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100% High Quality Custom Printed Fake College Documents!

Looking for high quality diplomas and transcripts from colleges and universities? If so, BAFD Prints offers a wide variety of diplomas, transcripts, and complete package sets. Take a look at current services below.

Buy Fake College Diplomas

We stock real layouts of college diplomas. The capture the format and structure of the real thing. We can even raise seals and emboss text using advanced techniques.

We keep a massive collection of templates. These templates are replicated from real diplomas. The number of templates keeps growing each month, with new university diploma templates arriving weekly. This means that we have the popular ones you want most. If the school you need is no longer operating, consider our closed college degrees instead.

Buy Fake College Transcripts

Our custom transcripts feature coursework for a variety of degree and majors. We can adjust class schools and more.

Buy Fake College Diplomas and Transcripts

Packages let you get everything you want. It's a diploma from a college plus a matching transcript. Buying together also lets you save 20% or more.

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We offer all different levels of degrees. These including fake associate degrees, fake bachelor degrees, fake master degrees and fake doctorate and phd degrees.

We guarantee our work!

We stand by everything we do. If you get your package and anything is wrong, tell us immediately. We can correct any problems or simply move on if that's the best option. Most other shops run from the idea of offering warranties with their services. We want you to buy today with no worries or fear that you're taking any risk with us. BAFD Prints is a honorable and trustworthy print shop ready to prove ourselves to you.

Need help?

If you want to talk to us, please call 305-892-8886 and we can assist you. Our staff is here Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST. You can also start a chat.