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100% High Quality Custom Printed Fake College Documents!

Looking for custom novelty replacement documents from colleges and universities? If so, BAFD Prints offers a wide variety of diplomas, transcripts, and sets of both from both graduate and undergraduate institutes. Take a look at the latest options being offered this below.

Buy Fake College Diplomas

100% Custom-Made Realistic Fakes of Student-Issued Graduate Diplomas!

We keep a massive collection of college and university diploma templates on file. These templates allow us to keep a detailed log of old designs and current ones. Such a database as you'd imagined is constantly growing each month as new designs including the latest formats arrive. This amazing collection is what allows us to offer true recreations of almost any university or college diploma certificate you could imagine.

Buy Fake College Transcripts

Our custom transcripts feature coursework for a variety of degree and majors. We can adjust class schools and more.

Our transcripts feature real classes with adjusted grade point averages. These authentic-like documents are printed on security paper like real ones, embossed by hand, and signed. With complete turnaround in less than 24 business hours and proofs of our work at no added cost, now is the time to get your novelty academic records made.

College Sets

Save 20% by bundling both documents and getting a compelte set instead

Packages offer you a custom diploma from a college or university plus a transcript that compliments it. If you are debating about getting both documents, consider this, because it is a great value.

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