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About Our Company: The Highest-Quality Realistic Diplomas, Certificates, and Transcripts

Welcome to Buy A Fake Diploma, your trusted USA-based print shop specializing in making novelty fake diplomas, certificates, and transcripts that exude authenticity. With over a decade of dedicated service, we understand the importance of delivering top-notch documents quickly and with great attention to detail.
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Who We Are

As a family-owned small business, known as BAFD Prints, we have built our shop from the ground up. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted sites in the industry, and we appreciate every opportunity our customers give us.

Our Commitment to Quality

graduate looking at a pile of paper for fake diplomas and inks used with buyafakediploma.com graduate looking at a pile of paper for fake diplomas and inks used with buyafakediploma.com

We offer highly-detailed novelty documents, including fake doctorate degree and fake ged choices. Whether you need a transcript and university degree with a graduation date set four years from now or a fake high school diploma from 1974 or 1989, we have the tools and resources to bring your vision to life.

At Buy A Fake Diploma, we use the best paper for diplomas and transcripts, including 60lb to 80lb heavy-duty parchment paper.Our printing capabilities include embossing seals and raising text in full color or shiny gold finishes. For transcripts and score sheets, we incorporate anti-copy security paper with heat tampering features, glow fibers, and more. Our fake certificates showcase unparalleled attention to detail.

Our Dedicated Team

Once you place an order on our site, our dedicated team gets to work immediately. They carefully select the most appropriate templates from our catalog, gather the best materials, and ensure that they have the resources needed to create a high-quality document.
Our goal is to print documents that are not only accurate but also exceed the expectations of clients like yourself. After the initial design phase, your document undergoes final touches, including raising emblems, die casting, foiling seals, adding holograms, stamping, and more. You have the opportunity to review our work before it leaves the shop, ensuring everything meets your satisfaction.
Once approved, your order is packaged and shipped quickly, with tracking details emailed to you once it's ready.

Why People Choose Us

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