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What is BAFD Prints?

Crafting Fake Diplomas and More Since 2006!

We are a USA-based print shop that's focused on beautifully crafted custom diplomas, certificates, and transcripts that looks authentic. People count on us to personally replace documents, create restorations of irreplaceable records, realistic novelties, props, and more. People want documents that are made fast with great attention to detail and delivered quickly! We have been offering our services for over 10 years now! So, take a deep breath and relax. We can help make you a high-quality document and get it in your hands, in as little as 24 business hours! Curious how this is possible and what makes this site so different? This page will break it all down.

We've all about building trust by focusing on honesty!

As a family owned small business, BAFD Prints has worked hard to build our print shop from the ground up. The process has not been easy. Yet, through all of it, we're become one of the most trusted sites in our industry. We know you have options. We are well aware of that. We are thankful for takes a chance on us and we take none of it for granted.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but these diplomas are beautiful!

We provide highly-detailed novelty documents. These include favorites such as our fake doctorate degree and fake ged choices. Whether you're seeking a transcript and university degree with a graduation date four years from or want to fake high school diploma from 1974 or 1989, we have the tools and resources to make any of it a reality!

At we print with the best paper for diplomas. This includes 60lb to 80lb heavy-duty parchment paper. We can even emboss seals and raise text in full color or shiny gold finishes! With transcripts and score sheets, features like anti-copy security paper with heat tampering features, glow fibers, and more aren't skipped over! Our fake certificates even showcase unmatched attention to detail.

A team of designers ready for you!

Once an order is placed on our site, our crew is immediately notified. They get to work. They begin going through our catalog of resources, accessing the most appropriate templates we have on file. They gather the best materials and ensure the best resources are at their disposal.

Our goal is print documents that are as accurate as possible and exceed the expectations of clients like yourself

After the initial design phase is complete, your document is sent to have “final touches” applied. These include raising emblems, die casting, foiling seals, adding holograms, stamping, etc. At this point, yo can also request a free proof to check over our work. This lets you approve the final print before it leaves our shop.

If not, don't worry, because quality control checks everything one last time. We do this extra step to ensure the best possible document is being put out daily. Once everything is good to go, any documents are packaged up and shipped out. Tracking details are then emailed once available.

Get complete details about our shipping and delivery process.

This isn't our first rodeo

We've helped many people just like you. A lot of people put in a good word or two. In fact, just read some reviews and testimonials from clients today. We are also listed as one of the best fake diploma sites this by customers leaving feedback.

Still need more answered?

Do you have additional questions? Some unanswered concerns? Our FAQ page is a great place to start. You can also call us at 305-892-8886 or send a chat. Our staff is here Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST. You can also send us an email, if that is better. We look forward to speaking to you.