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Diploma & Transcript Paper

About Paper for Fake Diplomas

There are many types of high quality parchment paper used to print diplomas. Buy A Fake Diploma stocks paper, in it's supply room, in various color shades and textures. This allows us ensure customers that realistic certificates and diplomas feature the most accurate paper options possible.

Most paper is weighed between 65 to 80 lbs. This will vary depending on the school's location and type of degree document that is being crafted.

About Fake Diploma Paper Sizes

As a reference point, most fake diplomas from USA colleges or fake secondary school diplomas from Canada are printed on 8.5 x 11 to 11 x 14 paper size. Although there is not a set rule. Diplomas paper sizes, colors, and thicknesses can alter document to document which is why a shop like Buy A Fake Diploma uses the appropriate paper type depending on each request being made.

We Stock Paper in Various Colors and Textures

The most common color this is white with natural coming in a close second. Although we see fewer and fewer blue and gold prints, occasionally a diploma requires this color. There can also be times when a diploma paper's is more gray and less white or more white and less grey. Keeping details records and matching up the best paper to ensure the most spot-on diplomas ensures customers a better product.

olde natural diploma paper olde natural diploma paper
Old Natural Paper
blue diploma paper blue diploma paper
Pewter Paper
gold diploma paper gold diploma paper
Gold Paper

Security Paper for Fake Transcripts

Yes, our fake transcripts are not real, but that doesn’t mean they don't look authentic-like and feel extremely realistic. One way we achieve this is is by stocking top-of-the-line academic security paper. This is the same sort of paper used by a many high schools, colleges, and universities when printing off academic records. The paper is stocked in a variety of colors and border designers. Knowing what paper is best for what transcript, can be tricky. This is why we let our tam of designers pick the best paper option depending on the type of transcript you are requesting.

Features of Our Security Paper

  1. Anti-Copy Technology; the word VOID appears in the background like real ones do.
  2. Watermarked
  3. Security Fibers that Alter When Heat is Applied
  4. Sensitive Glow Fibers to Increase Document Security
  5. Weight of 60# Offset