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BAFD Prints offers a variety of options including fake diplomas from GED testing centers, fake diplomas from high schools, and fake diplomas from universities and colleges. Each document provided is 100% custom made using original templates our design team keeps on file. These extremely realistic novelties make great personal backups and replacements, restoration alternatives, props for movies and shows, and much more.

Fake GED & High School Options

We stock options for all 50 USA States & Canada. Plus now Secondary School Diplomas too!

  1. Two custom diplomas from high school each with embossed seals on thick diploma parchment paper
    Fake High School USA Diploma
    was $99.95 Special Price $79.00
  2. Replica of high school diplomas from private Catholic school with decorative watermark and real high school from 2005
    Realistic Replica High School Diploma
    was $112.95 Special Price $99.99
  3. Real ged diplomas from testing centers featuring matching layout with embossed full color state seals on premium quality papers
    Replica GED Diploma
    was $89.95 Special Price $79.00

Buy Fake College and University Options

We stock Graduate and Undergraduate Diploma Options! Higher Educational Schools all Over the Globe!

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  1. Two top review sites have continually listed us as a BEST CHOICE for buyers.
  2. We stock the LARGEST number of templates. This means if you want a particular diploma made, regardless of the school or year it's from, we can help. This gives us the edge over phony diploma stores with inferior in-house options.
  3. We stick to all legal guidelines to PROTECT YOU! This ensures your document meets all the legal standards and won't land you in hot water.
  4. We only print diplomas and certificates on 60lb to 75lb parchment. We MATCH the diploma you want with the BEST paper option. Even the color and shade of the paper is documented for each request.
  5. We offer free proofs. Before it leaves you can get a free proof or preview of our work to check over.
  6. We are one of the ONLY sites providing real raised 3-d artwork and text. Most sites use cheap embossing powders to save a buck. The quality is subpar at best.
  7. Do you check and re-check all your work? We do. We make sure everything is great and even have management check it again. You can still ask us for samples, go back and forth with designers, get everything exactly as you want it.
  8. Pay SAFELY with credit or debit cards. Stay away from money writing scams on some shady diploma shops.
  9. Need it tomorrow? Talk to a team member about same day digital copies. Otherwise everything SHIPS OUT BY NEXT DAY! We are SAME DAY DIPLOMAS ON STEROIDS!
  10. Get real time order tracking. Track your package from our print shop to your front door using real time package tracking update. Nobody keeps you more informed than us.

Why Risk Anything Less?

Nobody puts customers first and foremost like We understand how important our documents are for clients. They have to LOOK REAL and FEEL REAL. They also have to MADE FAST and DELIVERED QUICKLY. When you're looking for actual diploma paper with REAL RAISED SEALS, you owe it yourself to count on us this .

See our diploma options below. If you need help, chat live with us or call 305-892-8886. Agents are here to help Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

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