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BAFD Prints offers a variety of options including diplomas from GED testing centers, high schools and colleges. Each document provided is 100% custom made and imitated from original diploma templates that our design team keeps on file. These extremely realistic novelties make great personal backups and replacements, restoration alternatives, props for productions and more.

Each diploma is 100% customized with your complete details, preferred dates and other unique characteristics. Samples can be sent out prior to being sent out NEXT DAY and everything is backed by our unmatched risk-free guarantee.

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Nobody puts customers first and foremost like We understand how important our documents are for clients. They have to LOOK REAL and FEEL REAL. They also have to MADE FAST and DELIVERED QUICKLY. When you're looking for actual diploma paper with REAL RAISED SEALS, you owe it yourself to count on us this .

See our diploma options below. If you need help, chat live with us or call 305-892-8886. Agents are here to help Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST.

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We stock options for all 50 USA States & Canada. Plus now Secondary School Diplomas too!

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We stock Graduate and Undergraduate Diploma Options! Higher Educational Schools all Over the Globe!