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Buy Realistic Diplomas from High Schools and Colleges Today!

Why are Replicas the Best Fake Diplomas?

Most Authentic High School & College Fakes!

[/text_box] [/ux_banner]When it comes to create realistic looking fake diplomas the more time and energy you spend researching difficult diplomas, studying their layouts and formats and capturing their unique characteristics … ensures customers like yourself the best quality fakes and most realistic option possible in 2020 guaranteed! These are fake diplomas that look real; like really real.


Maybe you looking to boost your self esteem, personally replace a document, or a fool friend. Either way quality matters most and the best quality can be achieved with replications taken to the next level.

Currently we offer two types of diploma options when it comes to quality.

  • Regional Templates (comes standard)
  • Premium Templates (our replica; an upgrade).

What does a Regional Template Ensure me?

  • Features a common design for your area. So let’s say you purchased a fake high school diploma from Florida. We could choose a common layouts for that area of Florida. It may or may not match a specific layout but it will look common, very realistic and perfectly fine for 90% of buyers.

What Am I Guaranteed with a Replica Upgrade?

  • Replications Match the Actual Layout! We Stock New Layouts Updated Just This December!
  • Replications Match the Actual Structure!
  • Replications Match the Actual Format!
  • Replications Match Proper Seal Placement!

Do Most Customers Upgrade Their Diploma Quality?

I would say maybe 50% do. For a lot of customers a regional design is still going to be realistic looking and capable of fooling others. With a replica you are ensured a most realistic looking document but it’s important to understand it takes to time to research these details, college information, ensure the proper supplies are used, etc. The added cost for some is not worth it but for others it is. There is no pressure to decide and our goal for everybody is to present a document they will love.

How can I upgrade my order to a replica diploma?

When purchasing a custom diploma there is an option to upgrade the template used to create your document from a standard regional template to a premium replica template. The cost demands on the value of the document but more information is available on our product page.

Choose an item and when filling out the order form, please be sure to upgrade the quality level of our premium replica option.

Please keep in mind that our replica diplomas are most realistic and like all purchases you must abide by site terms including disclaimer to ensure the items are used as intended.