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  • Real GED Classes!
  • A little less common, but necessary if you want your fake ged purchase to look real... this is a score sheet which shows how good (or bad) you did on a GED test. Including a list of all typical classes along with adjustable grades, this is a great extra to go along with your fake ged diploma.
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  • Real High School Classes!
  • Our fake high school transcript features four years of curriculum, common with a transcript from a high school. Classes including English, Math, History, etc along with letter grades. A great compliment to your fake high school diploma which you can view here!
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  • Real College Coursework! Many Degrees & Majors!
  • You've seen our college diploma here, right? Whether you are looking for a transcript which showcases undergraduate or graduate classes, we carry coursework for associate, bachelor, master and doctorate majors. Each final grade score can be adjusted to your specifications, and every document print has a security key and unique registrar embossing.
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    Where to Buy Fake Transcripts from High Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc!

    A transcript or score sheet will commonly display a list of classes you took from a high school or college to obtain a degree. It will show how good or bad you did on each class and your overall score.

    All of our transcripts are personalized with your name, address, and more. They are also printed on specially stocked security paper, embossed and signed, ensuring a high quality fake.

    What classes or courses go on your fake transcript?

    We stock a variety of coursework for a number of degree and majors. These include popular favorites that you would spot at colleges and high schools. Our coursework lists general classes but we do not guarantee that the classes will be in a specific order or that class codes may not have been altered. For 99.9% of our customers the transcripts we produce are realistic enough and do the trick. For others, they choose to upgrade to custom coursework. This is where we built a special list of classes for your transcript. This includes getting specific classes in a specific order and with specific grades! If you feel this extra service is necessary, you can request an upgrade to custom coursework when ordering fake transcripts online.

    I need fake transcripts but I also need a diploma!

    It's common that most people get a diploma with matching transcripts, which is why we offer packages that allow you to get both items together. And because you are buying both, we can cut you a good deal and save you some money! For more information, see our packages here.