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Payment Options

We accept all major credit and debit cards

Our website is fully secured and able to process payments from valid credit and debit cards. These include Visa, master Card, and Discover. Your bank statement will not mention this website by name. A separate name is giving on your bill to protect your privacy. The actual name is given at the end once the order is placed as the secret name is updated often.

Paying with a credit or debit cart is the preferred methods for customers in most places such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc. This option is unfortunately not allowed for customers all over the world. Some countries are restricted from paying with credit card.

What if I need to order from a country not allowed to pay with credit card?

You can simply use a prepaid card valid in the country above. Another option is to wire money or money order. Please contact us to discuss possible solutions.

My order was declined but my credit card was STILL charged!

No it wasn’t. In this case your bank approved the charge because the money is there to pay for it but our bank has declined it. This was likely because your address did not match or something seemed incorrect or risky about the purchase. Your authorization is just holding the money. The authorization will fall off in a few days. It will be like nothing happened. If you contact us, we can try to fix the problem and turn the failed authorization into a sale and get your order ready to go out.

What Can Cause a Credit Card Payment to Fail at Checkout

Common reasons include:

  1. Billing address not matching. When you order the website will check the billing address to make sure it matches the address on file with your processing bank. If it doesn’t the payment will not get approved. Too many attempts to constantly try and try again to process a payment that keeps failing may get your credit card locked up! Please call the number on the back of your card to confirm you know the correct billing address and details. Note that the bank will not mention this website.
  2. A lack of funds. This is just a reality. Be sure to check your bank.

Can I ship to a different address?

Often customers will ask if they can order for a friend or ship to a different address. This is fine but the second or alternative address must be on file with your bank in order for the address to get approved.