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Payment Options

We accept all major credit and debit cards

Our website is fully secured using a 128-bit checkout page. We are able to process payments using a credit or debit card. Your bank statement will not mention this website by name. Something other than 'Buy A Fake Diploma' or 'BuyaFakeDiploma.com' will be listed on your bill. This is done so to provide a discreet buying experience. It also protects your privacy. The actual name is provided, once the order is placed, as it is self-generated.

Can I pay for my order with something other than a card?

There are two other payment options. One, is to get a prepaid card. These have assigned amounts of money on them. Other option, is to do a money transfer or possibly cryptocurrencies. Please contact us today to discuss alternative options.

When do you process payments?

When you order services on our site, we authorize your payment. So let's say the total for your document with any shipping costs was $120. You authorize a payment of $120. Nothing has been finalized at this point. Once you approve a sample from us and it leaves our shop, we then capture the $120. It is at this point, the $120 is collected.

If you decide against using our services before the item ships out, the authorization is voided. Nothing ships. Nothing is billed.

Can I buy services for a friend?

Often customers will ask if they can order for a friend. They want to pay for services but have the package sent to a different address. This is fine but the other address, must be on file with your bank, in order for the address to get approved.