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Shipping & Delivery Information

For years now, we have offered free shipping anywhere in the Confidential U.S. and you can always count on that. If you need to ship items somewhere else in the world or need it sooner, we can make that happen too.

We can ship anywhere in the world including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and more.

When Will My Order Leave the Shop?

I ordered Monday through Friday before 2PM Eastern.

In this case, your package will ship today.

I placed an order Monday through Friday but after 2PM Eastern.

In this case, your package will ship out the following business day! So if you ordered on a Tuesday after the cutoff, it will ship next day Wednesday. If you ordered Friday, after the cutoff or Saturday, it will ship out on Monday. Although, we may be able to offer Saturday Delivery to select markets. If a weekday (M-F) falls on a holiday, then the item will ship out the following business day when we return.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We try to keep our shipping fees low. We don't make money on shipping. We compare our rates to make sure they are as low as possible.

USA Options

  • Ground - Free // 4 to 6 Business Days // Not Available to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories.
  • 2-Day - $25.00 // 2 Business Days.
  • Overnight - $60.00 // Before 11AM Next Business Day.
  • Overnight - $45.00 // After 3PM Next Business Day.

Canada & Outside-USA (International)

  • International shipping rates depend on the area. Please add an item and go to checkout to see current real time shipping rates to your country. Prices changes often. Current rate for this as available at checkout.

What May Delay My Shipment?

Delays do occur. This is often due to acts of nature or matters beyond our control. You may also request a proof of your order, when you purchase services. The proof adds time to the process. We explain this more on our page about proofs.

Are Most Packages Delivered on Time?

At the present time, we have a 99.8% delivery rate with our courier. All packages are shipped out with package tracking, allowing you to keep tabs on your package. Monitor your shipment from our shop to your front door.

Keep in mind that cutoffs are subject to change. See our homepage welcome message for daily cutoff times. Generally all cut offs are 2PM EDT but sometimes may be ‘noon on special occasions.

What if I have more questions or concerns about shipping & delivery?

We put together a shipping FAQ below. It answers a few questions we commonly get. Should you need more help, give us a call at 305-892-8886 or chat and message instead. Our staff is here Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

All of our packages ship in sturdy flat packages to ensure protection of your documents. Neither the package itself nor your document(s) will mention our website by name. It will also not mention what type of products and/or services they are. This means the package won't announce to the world that a fake diploma is inside! Your privacy is important to us.

Our courier restricts certain areas. Other times, it was a business decision to remove these. These places include: Iran, Cuba, Columbia, Spain, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Libya, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, South Yemen, Sudan, and Syria. If you are in these areas, maybe we can suggest somebody? Please ask a sales rep for assistance.

All of our printed documents ship in flat packages. They are sturdy and reinforced. This is how a school may ship diplomas to a student. The type of packaging ensures protection of our documents.

Tracking numbers are generated by our shipping department once a label is created. The tracking number is applied to your order. You are then emailed the tracking number. Please understand that the number is not traceable online until a few hours have passed. This is because the package must show movement. Either way, do not worry if you don't see updates immediately.

Our credit card processor requires that all packages paid for with a credit card are signed for by the cardholder themselves. This is a requirement that we have zero control over. Remember, you can ship to other locations like your work or maybe a hotel you are staying at, if you are not available at the location listed as your credit card’s billing address.

If you aren’t going to be home for the delivery driver, you can also try leaving a signed note for the driver asking them to leave the package unattended. He or she may honor this, but they may be responsible for lost packages or undelivered packages and may choose to not do so. The delivery driver themselves makes the final call.

We also can also ask that your package be held at your local delivery hub and you can come and pick it up on your own time. If you wish to have the courier hold your package, please document that request in the staff notes of your order form, so that our shipping department is made aware of any such requests.