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Adrienne was forced to drop out of college last spring but her best friend Victoria wanted to push her back into school. After much thought she decided to buy a degree from a real university. Although this may seem unorthodox, more and more people are finding inspiration and motivation in such documents.

The hope Victoria had was that Andriene would see the degree with her name on it and it would spark something inside her. Thing was, she knew that Andrienna was very familiar with how the actual diploma looked. This plan wasn’t going to work unless she could buy a degree from a real university that looked authentic.

Victoria did some research on a few shops that specialized in custom printed documents like these. After reading a few reviews, she settled on BAFD Prints. This site offered a few benefits that appealed to her including fast delivery, discreet packaging and an unmatched satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee was reassuring.

The site explained to Victoria that they had actually obtained a copy of a degree from the university she wanted. More than that, they had a copy from the same graduating year. The plan was to take that real diploma and then trace out the format and structure. Then they would replace or edit in Adrienne’s details such as her name and dates for passing.

That night she went to the site to buy a degree for her friend. The next day she got a notification that the document was being packaged up and shipped. The following day it arrived on her doorstep.

Initially, Victoria was impressed with the quality. She was aware of the actual diploma too. The proper fonts, proper seal placement, signature count and style; it was all there. If you’re going to buy a degree from a real university this is what you want. That being said, the real test was with Andrienna who the document had to impress enough to motivate her.

She gave the degree to Adrienna the next day as a surprise gift on the anniversary of the day she dropped out. The immediate reaction Andrienna had was disbelief. Like most people she had no idea there were sites that let you buy a degree from a real university. It was surprising. When the novelty wore off, she began to look at the document and noticed her name on it. She “felt” like a graduation. She started to talk about how much she missed school and how badly she wanted to go back and get her real degree. It was an eye opening experience.

The following weekend Adrienna told Victoria that she spoke about her struggles with college and her mother agreed to help her. She had made the decision to pursue her college education with the help of a fake degree. Although we often try to see the worst in people and assume nothing good can come when somebody will buy a degree from a real university that is not always true.

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