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In 2015, a private college shut down for good. That was it for it’s run. In 2008, the same thing happened to an institute a few miles away. Imagine your school just locking the doors and closing for good? Getting replacement copies of diplomas could be nightmare for those former alumni. That’s because nobody’s there to answer the phone or assist you with your request.

Our website, a leading supplier of custom printed novelty documents is pleased to offer a line of realistic options from closed colleges and universities. Our line includes diplomas that capture the layout, structure and format of actual diplomas once handed out at former schools.

More Info on Closed College Options

Why Do Schools Close?
There are several reasons why a school may no longer operate. In some cases, private schools which are for-profit do not have enough students (or customers) and are forced to shut down for financial reasons. Other times a public school may merge to become another school or close down because people move away from a town and there is no longer enough students to support the school.
How Can I Replace a Document From a Closed School?
You can first try reaching your old school. If they are unable to help you, we may be of service. No matter why you want need one, offers fake diplomas from colleges and universities that have shut down operation, gone out of business, closed, etc. We compiled all of these into a special list which is right here. Take a look at what we have and if you need assistance finding something unique, please reach out to us today.
When Will it Arrive?
Unlike waiting weeks or months as some former institutes may force you to do, we can get a personal replacement or novelty copy in your hands in as little as 24 business hours! Simply add an item to your cart and choose a convenient shipping method that works best for you.
Using Closed Colleges as Fake Diplomas?
If you’re trying to fool somebody with a realistic novelty degree, novelty degrees from closed schools provide an advantage because verifying one’s background and checking up on the item’s authenticity is even trickier.

We offer fast delivery, satisfaction guaranteed sales, free samples and proofs and more. Once again, thank you for choosing the #1 phony diploma site!

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