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Closed College Degrees

Are you looking to replace a degree from a college that no longer operates? Maybe they closed their doors and shut down for good or merged? Either way, getting replacements can be stressful but BAFD Prints has a few solutions worth considering.

Maybe your curious how to get college transcripts from a closed school or how do i get my diploma if my school is closed? If so, you landed on a great website! New templates, arrive each week, including recent degree layouts from schools that just closed! This massive pile of resources allows us to create novelty replacements as personal backups, novelties, restorations for these former institutes.

Check out our options below!

Is the school you want a diploma from, still active? Consider our fake college and university diplomas instead. If the school no longer is around, keep reading more below.

Is it common for people to need replacement degrees from closed college and universities?

In 2015, a private college was shut down for good. After enough students didn't register for classes, they could not afford to keep their doors open. It was hard on former students. Although a school shutting it's doors may seem rare, colleges and universities close pretty often.

In fact, in 2008, the same thing happened to an institute just a few miles away.

Why a school closing is hard on alumni needing a diploma!

Imagine your own school just locking the doors and closing for good! Now imagine having to get personal replacement copies of diplomas from these schools? Talk about a nightmare for those former alumni! That’s because nobody’s there to answer the phone or assist them with their request.

BAFD Prints may have a solution. We are a print shop specializing in custom printed novelty documents including diplomas from closed schools. Clients come to us, looking to personally replace or restore diplomas and transcripts. Sometimes they want documents from schools still around. Sometimes the schools no longer operate. We are pleased to announce that we can now help with documents from colleges and universities that have closed, shut down, merged, etc.

How much will my diploma look like the diploma once handed out by the school?

What we print looks very realistic. But remember, we are not a mill. Nothing is falsely verified and no credentials are being issued. This is merely a high quality novelty print service that matches the structure and format of actual diplomas. The final prints will amaze you with its realistic look and feel. Not to mention, we can now print raised seals and embossed text! The quality is remind you a lot of what was once handed out.

These diplomas, like all others, capture the layout and structure of real diplomas. Take a look at our closed college diplomas and closed college transcripts. If you want both, we can offer you 20% off. Just bundle them with our closed college and university diploma and transcript packages. If you need more information, give us a ring at 305-892-8886. Is staff is here and ready to help you Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST. Also remember, all of our services are fully guaranteed. We stand by all of it 100%!

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