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Difference Between a Diploma and Transcript

What is a Diploma?

A diploma is a type of certificate issued by a school upon the completion of a degree. The document is often printed on diploma paper and contains basic details such as the:

  1. Name of the School Whether it’s a High School, College or University
  2. Student’s Name
  3. Date of Graduation
  4. Any Degrees and Majors Earned.

Other details may include:

  1. The name of a College in the case of a University, such as the College of Business for an associates degree in business management.
  2. The county or district, in the case of a high school or ged diploma.

What is a Transcript?

A transcript is academic record. This typically lists coursework required to earn a specific degree. The record also shows credits earned or not earned per course, overall grades and scores for each class, a final grade point average, and more. A transcript key, featured on the back of the document, sometimes breakdown how grade are calculated in greater detail.

Some details may include:

  1. Student name and address.
  2. Student ID number. This is created by the school or testing center and is used in indexing and accessing documents and information.
  3. Date of birth
  4. Details about major and minors related to the field of study.
  5. and more...