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Fake College Acceptance Letter

A have a short story about a friendship. Well, a friendship and a fake college acceptance letter.

You see, there were two friends in high school who both planned to attend college together. Samantha had been struggling in her senior year to graduate. Her grades were tanking. At the same time, her best friend Joseph was flying by with ease. When Samantha was informed that she did not get accepted into the same college Joseph had, she was devastated.

Joseph wanted to make her friend Samantha feel special. So he looked into fake college acceptance letters to look like the university accepted Samantha too.

The story was unusual. Heck, faking these letters are unusual. And so, Buy A Fake Diploma presents this helpful guide to them.

mom and daughter looking over a college acceptance letter mom and daughter looking over a college acceptance letter

Why People Care About Acceptance Letters?

It's a friendly letter saying somebody was accepted into a college or university after applying. It may also be a dreadful letter if your denied. Schools can often be strict about who they accept so getting such a letter stating that "you're in" can be a huge accomplishment. Often applicants wait weeks or months for such a letter to arrive. Many are denied enrolment due to poor grades, a lack of extra-curricular actives, etc. For that fit the bill and get in, the approval can be life altering.

What does a Fake College Acceptance Letter Look Like?

Well, it looks like a letter from a college. It arrives in an envelope that was sent from the school's registrar address. The letter is often formatted with the school's address, the student's address, and a nice message stating why somebody like Samantha was accepted or denied acceptance into a program.

college letter saying accepted college letter saying accepted

A fake college acceptance letter is a novelty version of such a letter. Often they are used to fool somebody like Samantha into thinking they’ve been accepted into a certain college or university program.

The truth is, a fake college acceptance letter is not an official letter from a university. It is printed piece of paper that holds no true value. Of course you knew that but I had to say it because people hear about college acceptance letters that are fake and alarms go off.

Can I Make a Fake College Acceptance Letter?

You can certainly download a template from any number of template providers, edit it to the best of your abilities, print it, and use it. This site https://www.buyafakediploma.com/ knows nothing about this sort of thing. We do sell fake college diplomas which may be of interest to you, if desire a letter like this. The diplomas are not official but are replicated from real degrees. They look realistic and feel authentic-like. In fact, we believe so much in our craftsmanship that we warranty our work with the best customer satisfaction guarantee of any site like ours. So, you have that to think.

Yet, if you decide to invest in the practical joke of a fake acceptance letter from a college or university, the link below should help. There you will find numerous letter templates to pick from. All you need after editing it is a printer with ink, some paper, and an envelope. Letters can be decorated with seals and realistic school signatures to make them appear more authentic.

If unsure about what to add to the letter, keep reading for some ideas.

Filling In a Fake College Acceptance Letter

  1. You will need a college or university name. Use one you love. Or make up a school like "Desert Sands University" or "Pine Valley College".
  2. Add some artwork. Consider throwing up a logo, the school’s mission etc. If you made-up school doesn't have a logo, create an emblem.
  3. Edit your letter. Most of this is pretty generic. Most will include something like: We want to congratulate X on their acceptance in the X program at X school.
  4. Print it. Grab a regular envelope letter. Now stick that letter in the envelope son!
  5. Slap an address on it.
  6. At this point your fake college acceptance letter is done. It’s a work of art created by you. That’s special, at least.
  7. Throw that letter in a big pile of mail. Take a photo of the mail and then post about it on Facebook with the hashtag #bigletterday so that way your friends can get excited for you.
  8. Open the letter in front of your friend or give it somebody like how Joseph gave one to Samantha.

What Was The Outcome of Joseph's Letter?

If your curious what happened to Samantha, I believe the story goes like this. She saw the letter. She thought it was mean-spirited but Joseph explained how his intentions were sweet. Basically, the letter encouraged Samantha to get her act together with her education. Although she didn't get into the same college then, she took classes at the local community college. Two years later, with an undergraduate degree, she attended the same college as Joseph. I believe the two graduated from the university together.

If you like the story, that's great. If you wanted some details about how to make an acceptance letter, I hope you find the links helpful.