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Fake College Acceptance Letter

I’m going to tell you a story about a fake college acceptance letter. I know what your thinking, where on earth is this going? So, this is the story about friendship.

There were who grew up together and had plans to attend college together in the fall. Samantha was struggling in her senior year of high school. At the same time her best friend Joseph was flying by with ease. When Samantha was informed that she did not get accepted into the same college that Joseph recently had she was crushed. She knew they would not be heading to college together.

She thought it would be fun for Joseph to think that Samantha was going to attend her same college. So she looked online for a fake college acceptance letter to look like the university accepted her too.

What is a Fake College Acceptance Letter?

A college accept letter informs somebody that they have accepted into a college or university after applying. Schools are often difficult about who they accept so getting such a letter can be a huge accomplishment. Often applicants will wait weeks or months waiting on a letter to arrive with hope that they have been accepts. Many are and many are denied due to poor grades, a lack of extra-curricular actives, etc.

A fake college acceptance letter is a novelty version of such a letter. Often they are used to fool somebody into thinking they’ve been accepted into a certain college or university program.

The truth is, a fake college acceptance letter is not an official letter from a university. It is printed piece of paper that holds no true educational value. Of course you new that but I had to say it because people hear about college acceptance letters that are fake and bells go off.

What does a Fake College Acceptance Letter Look Like?

Well it looks like a letter of acceptance from a college. People often ask us what does an fake college acceptance letter to a university look like. How is it formatted? How it structured? We decided to provide a demo of a college acceptance letter.

Can I Make a Fake College Acceptance Letter?

You can certainly take our template and edit it to the best of your abilities. We can’t personally assist you in editing the fake college acceptance letter template or providing advice on how to do so.

We are just one of many sites online offering advice on how you can fulfill a practical joke with a fake acceptance letter from a college or university. All you need is some printer, some ink, and an envelope. Letters can be decorated with seals and made to appear more authentic with correct addresses.

How to Create a Fake College Acceptance Letter

  1. Think of a school name. Create a fake one or Google the name of a college or university that you really wish you could attend.
  2. Add some artwork. Consider throwing up a logo, the school’s mission etc.
  3. Edit your letter. We have a great template above. Most of this is pretty generic but are most fake college acceptance letters if we’re going to be frank here.
  4. Print it. Grab a regular envelope letter. Now stick that letter in the envelope son!
  5. Slap an address on it.
  6. If your making up a school name like Clear Lake University or Mountainridge Institute make a cool website. Put something about how you put education first and talk about how the basketball team won last night.
  7. At this point your fake college acceptance letter is done. It’s a work of art created by you. That’s special, at least.
  8. Throw that letter in a big pile of mail. Take a photo of the mail and then add post a hashtag on Facebook like #bigletterday so what way your friends can get excited for you.
  9. Open the letter in front of your friend.