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Printing custom diplomas can be a challenge for some – but that’s where comes in. We collect actual copies of diplomas and then turn them into customizable templates. You can request a diplomas from high schools, colleges and universities today. Every item we produce is 100% custom made, as we access the most appropriate template for your order. This ensures that only the most realistic diplomas ship out. 98% of orders ship in 24 hours and can arrive as soon as the next business day. Every order is also fully guaranteed and backed by our satisfaction promise. This ensures your fake diplomas are printed just the way you want them.

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How Real will My Fake Diploma Look

We print fake diplomas one of two ways. We either use regional designs or replica designs. A regional design would feature a common layout in you area. It would not be an exact match of a real diploma’s layout. For 90% of buyers this is more passable. For those wanting something better, we do offer a replication service. This is where our designs capture the layout, structure and format of real high school, college and university diplomas. Replications do cost more. The options will be made available to you when ordering.

Get I Get Help Placing an Order?

Our support staff will be glad to assist you through the ordering process. They are here weekdays and can be reached via live chat, email and phone support.

Keep in mind that we have simplified the process and ordering online is very easy. Please choose an item above and the site should you walk you through the necessary steps.

How much will this cost me?

Our prices are posted online. There are no hidden fees or charges. Everything is listed. As you will find there is the cost of the custom printed fake diploma, transcript or certificate. There are options for extra copies at affordable rates but this is not a required add-on and it will not effect the quality.

Only other fee is shipping which is free for USA customers in lower 48 states. For outside customers we check with our carrier like UPS or FedEx or DHL to ensure the lowest prices on this Sunday.

Are there things you can not print?

We do not print law or medical degrees. Even if for novelty use. To fully understand our limitations, click here. This restrictions are what allow us to operate fully and legally.

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